3001-104 – EASY ENTERPRISE.x System Architecture

Course: 3001-104

Target group: EASY ENTERPRISE.x Consultant

Prerequisites: Participation in the course: EASY ENTERPRISE.x Archive Server. Knowledge referring to the essential basic technologies essentially used by EASY ENTERPRISE.x (as also conveyed in our 2-day BT courses)

Operating systems: Windows and Linux
Relational databases: MS SQL Server and ORACLE

Duration: 2 days

Fee: € 1,150 (plus sales tax/VAT)

This course deals with the technological interaction between individual EASY ENTERPRISE.x functions and the server-side basic technologies used for their implementation and realization (operating systems, relational database, and application servers).

In addition, the EASY ENTERPRISE.x document model, document structuring and document storage are demonstrated in-depth.

Other topics deal with, among others, the options for error analysis in an EASY ENTERPRISE.x installation environment. For this, tools and procedures to trap or remove the error will be shown. Additionally, various topics from the EASY ENTERPRISE.x environment will be dealt with in depth.

The conveyed knowledge is relevant to the respective certification examinations.