Purchasing Management



Structured Storage

Simple collection and structured storage of all information and documents.

Full SAP Integration

Optimal support for all processes.

Access Rights Management

Differentiated roles and access rights models, including transfer from SAP modules.

Purchasing Index

Clear indexing of information on purchasing processes.

Supporting the Entire Procurement Process

The profit is in the purchase – even more so today than ever before. Increasing pressures of cost and competition force employees in procurement departments to seek out the highest possible cost-savings during negotiations. To get them, they need to make the right decisions at the right time.

With nextPCM Process2Go Procurement Management, your purchasing department is just a click away from all the relevant information they need to make a decision. This software solution collects all documents, data, and processes in digital files, making comprehensive information available in no time. Purchase requisitions, procurement files and supplier files are available. You can create new documents or start new work processes directly from the file – either manually or automatically, from the office or through a mobile device.

The entire process of concluding the contract is supported from the PMM – all steps are documented, transparent, and visible at any time.

Additionally, the software solution integrates all documents relevant to the purchase with SAP ERP MM and the supplier pool. This forms the basis for automated, company-wide contract and supplier management. At the same time, the program makes it easier to implement time-saving workflows for document creation or approval.

With nextPCM Process2Go, we offer ready-made templates for the following scenarios

Purchase requisitions
Supplier files
Master data.

  • Efficient Processes

    Continuous support throughout the entire procurement process.

  • Quick Access

    Quick access to all information (scanned documents, Office and PDF files, e-mails, …)

  • Analysis

    A reliable foundation of data for strategic procurement analysis.

  • Procurement Success

    Improved procurement success through use of negotiated rebates and discounts.

  • Reduced Lead and Wait Times

The entire process of concluding the contract is supported from the PMM – all steps are documented, transparent, and visible at any time


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