Invoice Management

A Complete Solution for Digital Invoicing

Invoice Management

Invoices Received

Prompt collection of invoices received in a centralized invoice ledger.

Automated Workflows

Automated, rule-based or manual start of workflows. Processing of EDI, paper, and digital invoices.

Flexible Rules

Flexible rules for automatic compliance with limits of liability, jurisdictions, and reasons for blocking.

Reporting and Analysis

Polished reporting and evaluation of all your company’s invoices.

The Total Package for Electronic Invoice Processing

Processing invoices requires a large amount of coordination – often across multiple channels. Employees make phone calls, send e-mails, make hand-written notes, and enter data into Excel spreadsheets. Information often stays right on the invoice, circulating with it around the company. If a supplier asks about a payment deadline, for instance, you might quickly realize that while your invoices are in process, they aren’t under control.

With nextPCM Process2Go Invoice Management, on the other hand, you keep everything in order. This complete solution for digital invoice processing enables fully automated recording of all invoice data. Each invoice appears in the invoice ledger immediately upon receipt, making the invoice – including all values and the invoice’s processing status – accessible to everyone involved in one place, right from the start.

  • Quick Access

    Suppliers and internal departments can retrieve information quickly.

  • Cost Savings

    Cost savings by taking full advantage of discounts and avoiding damages for delay.

  • Compliance

    Adherence to compliance requirements.

  • Shortened Lead Times

All actions are collected in the invoice ledger, making them centrally available for evaluation and analysis.
You retain access to all information at all times, whether from the office or through a mobile device. Automatically adaptable workflows ensure that everything runs smoothly, even when using manual review and approval. Flexible assessment tools also allow you to analyse all invoices in just a few steps.


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