Thyssen Nederland B.V.

At Thyssen, they have been manufacturing and selling a broad range of construction products, finished pipe, stainless steel, aluminium, tool steel, and high-quality metal alloys since 1994. For most of the company’s products, a factory specification certificate document is required by law.

These certificates are required to guarantee the ingredients and composition of the finished pipe, stainless steel, aluminium, tool steel, and metal alloy products. With annual sales of nearly $300 million dollars, that’s a lot of certificates.

Archiving from SAP R/3

As a long standing SAP customer, Thyssen’s requirements included data archiving and document management integrated with their R/3 system. Within 14 months of their initial implementation of SAP, all branches had been converted to SAP, of which nine maintain constant access to the three NCR servers at headquarters. EASY LINK for SAP R/3 was required as part of the complete solution.

Requirements & targets

  • Certified linkage to SAP ArchiveLink
  • SAP load test certification: maximum performance on comparable systems
  • Covering all archiving scenarios
  • Easing the load on the SAP databases
  • Automating a variety of capturing processes
  • Working in your familiar mySAP environment
  • Convenient and automatic project documentation