Stadtwerke Hagen

Archiving system guarantees fast and convenient handling of business processes and thus strengthens the utility company’s market position.

Ensuring fast and high-quality service for a growing number of customers in view of today’s more liberal energy market poses special challenges to public services companies in particular. Stadtwerke Hagen realized this as early as 1998 and decided to introduce an electronic document management system. After talking to a number of suppliers, the company decided on EASY ARCHIVE. This system has been in productive use since April 1999 and currently serves to process about one million documents annually.

In the area of private and commercial customer sales, Stadtwerke Hagen started archiving on microfilm in 1980. “We kept encountering problems with the microfilm readers,” says Sales Director Peter Langescheid to describe the situation in the early nineties. “The poor quality of the documents was another reason for us to consider an electronic archiving system.”

Thus, eventually, after extensive evaluation of the respective performance and costs of various solutions, EASY ARCHIVE was introduced in 1996. Besides the capacities to integrate both SAP and non-SAP documents, the special efficiency of the full-text retrieval and the favorable licensing model were crucial factors in this decision. Initially, the system only served to archive scanned paper documents, especially incoming mail.

Friedhelm Kabath points out yet another advantage: “After the liberalization, we succeeded in winning a number of key accounts, including Douglas Holding, the German branches of Wal*Mart and Burger King, the Nordsee restaurant chain, and Nordwest Handels AG. Thanks to the EASY CD-QUERY module, we are now able to provide these customers with complete, usage-based itemized bills, including any index terms that may be requested, in a revision-proof fashion on a CD-ROM.”

This extraordinarily positive experience is reason enough for Stadtwerke Hagen to continue putting their trust in EASY. This is emphasized by the fact that they have already decided to expand their electronic archiving, and have purchased a higher-end jukebox. “After updating our EASY software to version 3.11 in February, 2001, we will work on equipping additional sales sectors with EASY ARCHIVE,” confirms Reinhard Flormann, Sales Director at Stadtwerke Hagen, and also responsible for purchasing and the administration of public pools. “Most importantly, this will include sectors where SAP R/3 is used. With its certified SAP interface, EASY represents an ideal solution for them.”

First, Stadtwerke will build their own glass fiber network and convert their BS2000 system to run with SAP R/3. “Next, our other SAP systems will be connected to the archive as well. All CI data will then be transferred to the EASY system,” says Thorsten Stich to outline what is planned for the coming months. And Flormann adds: “As I see it, the use of EASY in the other organizational units of Stadtwerke Hagen is only a question of time at this point. More and more interested parties keep inquiring about EASY’s performance in our sales department for private and commercial customers. We shall also recommend the product to Elektromark, our future partner with whom Stadtwerke Hagen will probably fuse in April of 2001. So far, they are still archiving in the conventional fashion. A uniform electronic archiving solution will further enhance the efficiency of the association and significantly improve our customer service.”


Requirements & targets

  • Certified linkage to SAP ArchiveLink
  • SAP load test certification: maximum performance on comparable systems
  • Covering all archiving scenarios
  • Easing the load on the SAP databases
  • Automating a variety of capturing processes
  • Working in your familiar mySAP environment
  • Convenient and automatic project documentation