Stadt Mülheim an der Ruhr

Mülheim’s municipal administration will soon archive its documents electronically: EASY SOFTWARE AG was able to beat its competitors in the context of a public tender bid.

EASY obtains contract from the town of Mülheim/Ruhr, Germany

The “town by the river” will use the hardware and software implemented by EASY both in the Automobile as well as the Human Resources departments. Thus it will contribute to making its work more efficient and user-friendly. This project “right at our doorstep” has already begun.

Requirements & targets

  • Certified linkage to SAP ArchiveLink
  • SAP load test certification: maximum performance on comparable systems
  • Covering all archiving scenarios
  • Easing the load on the SAP databases
  • Automating a variety of capturing processes
  • Working in your familiar mySAP environment
  • Convenient and automatic project documentation