Schwartauer Werke GmbH & Co. KGaA

Headquartered in Bad Schwartau/Germany, Schwartauer Werke GmbH & Co KGaA has been processing incoming notifications using a turnkey, automated solution from the DMS system house WMD (Workflow Management & Document Consulting) since November 2006. The overall solution is supported by integrating the recognition software Xtract for Documents from Aachen-based Docutec AG, and the archiving solution EASY for mySAP from EASY SOFTWARE. At Schwartau, the new solution now eliminates the expensive process of manual capturing. The newly gained resources are used to enable quick tracking of payment discrepancies.

More than 27,000 invoice line items a year

Schwartauer Werke receives some 400 payment notifications a year from four central purchasing associations. So its task is to capture, verify, post and archive the payments for more than 27,000 listed invoice line items.

Verification and capturing of notifications sometimes covering more than 50 pages, and an average of some 67 invoice line items at Schwartau, had been performed manually until November 2006. In particular, checking the paid amounts, taking discountable terms subject to individual agreement into consideration, left little room in practice for tracking and clearing differences efficiently.

Reducing processing times – optimizing processes

Nicole Pump, Finance & Accounts Manager at Schwartauer Werke, said: “Above all, our aim was to significantly reduce time-consuming capturing tasks. Implementation of the automated notification processing tool enables our employees to concentrate fully on payment discrepancies and clearing them up quickly. In addition, the WMD solution provides a high level of security in processing and enables us to perform our liquidity planning more efficiently and much more accurately.”

The overall solution covers automatic document capture, data extraction and recognition from various fonts via the Docutec solution, automatic synchronization of incoming payments with open line items, calculating payment terms as well as final entry of the payment notification via the SAP standard transaction F-28. The WMD notification solution is available for SAP Release 4.6c, 4.7 (Enterprise), ECC 5.0 or ECC 6.0.

Longtime experience with EASY ENTERPRISE

Schwartauer Werke management had successively introduced SAP as the basic ERP system over the past couple of years. Following this, it selected implementation of the electronic archive solution EASY ENTERPRISE with regard to electronic SAP data and document archiving. At Schwartau, all documents are now directly archived in EASY ENTERPRISE via SAP ArchiveLink, and are available for retrieval from SAP at any time.

Requirements & targets

  • Certified linkage to SAP ArchiveLink
  • SAP load test certification: maximum performance on comparable systems
  • Covering all archiving scenarios
  • Easing the load on the SAP databases
  • Automating a variety of capturing processes
  • Working in your familiar mySAP environment
  • Convenient and automatic project documentation