Pure Fishing

EASY SOFTWARE, a global leader in data archiving and document management solutions for the SAP™ R/3®, ERP, CRM and corporate markets, today announced that it will implement an enterprise-wide archiving and imaging solution at Pure Fishing, the world’s largest fishing tackle company with global manufacturing, sales and marketing organizations including over 1,400 dedicated coworkers and fifteen regional operating centers worldwide.

“Pure Fishing was looking for a highly scalable archiving solution that could easily and economically be leveraged in many areas of the company”, said Corey Anderson, Project Manager at Pure Fishing. He goes on to say, “We evaluated a number of vendors and found that EASY SOFTWARE had the best overall functionality for data archiving and imaging with a simple and straight-forward implementation plan, at the lowest overall cost. We were quite impressed with the EASY Solution.”

Pure Fishing has been live on SAP since October of 1999 and is currently on SAP R/3 release 4.0B. The initial implementation will encompass archiving the company’s rapidly growing SAP database, which currently is estimated at approximately 300 gigabytes, as well as archiving of DART files (SAP’s Data Retention Tool) to satisfy Internal Revenue audit requirements. In addition to data archiving, Pure Fishing will archive their Outbound Documents as well as a variety of Financial Reports. Pure Fishing looks to leverage their investment in the EASY Solution throughout their North American, European and Pacific Rim operations.

“Pure Fishing is a highly educated and technical consumer. The company’s IT staff had researched and attended a number of SAP Data Archiving training classes to get the knowledge they needed to plan, implement and manage the project, said Lynn Hogg, President of EASY SOFTWARE INC. “This made our job a lot easier because Pure Fishing was able to cut through the various vendors marketing and really understand what was needed to get the project implemented easily, quickly and economically. The EASY SOFTWARE solution will include our leading SAP Certified solution as well as our integrated high availability – disaster recovery storage solution.”, said Hogg.

Requirements & targets

  • Certified linkage to SAP ArchiveLink
  • SAP load test certification: maximum performance on comparable systems
  • Covering all archiving scenarios
  • Easing the load on the SAP databases
  • Automating a variety of capturing processes
  • Working in your familiar mySAP environment
  • Convenient and automatic project documentation