Österreichische Nationalbank

Being the “Bank of all banks” and the “guardian of currency”, the business transactions of the National Bank of Austria (OeNB) are of special significance. Above all, the development of accounting items is of great interest. That is why the Federal Reserve Bank Law says that a so-called “weekly bank return” must be created four times a month. This report contains a condensed statement, which in turn contains various items relevant to assess Austria’s overall economic situation. This balance sheet, which contains all weekly and daily returns such as invoices and accounting records of the “Austria Company”, is based on an extensive range of data daily processed through the latest computer systems.

Due to extensive requirements such as SAP integration, communication with existing applications, greatly varying archiving tasks, high-performance scanners, optical technology, etc., only a few favorite applications were left to consider. In a 12-week testing period, two archiving solutions were tested intensively for their performance and user acceptance by OeNB staff to help with the decision-making process. EASY ARCHIVE, which was implemented by Archiv Austria Company of Vienna, came out on top after the test phase. More than 40 criteria, including user-friendliness, flexibility, search options, SAP certification, extendibility for transactions and workflow linkage played a crucial role in the decision-making process. In early 1997, Archiv Austria was eventually commissioned to implement EASY ARCHIVE with the Austrian National Bank.

In the meantime, acceptance by users has become widespread. Many now see the benefit of fast and versatile retrievability of documents. To make documents available at your workplace, you will no longer need to use your legs: a mouse click is enough. An increasing number of departments want to enjoy these benefits asking at the “Archive Platform” for helping them to make “their” EASY ARCHIVE operable as well. Due to other planned projects such as EASY ARCHIVE linkage to SAP R/3 and conversion to browser clients via EASY LINK for Web, the archive platform and EASY ARCHIVE will continue to be an important and integrated component of the Austrian National Bank.


Requirements & targets

  • Certified linkage to SAP ArchiveLink
  • SAP load test certification: maximum performance on comparable systems
  • Covering all archiving scenarios
  • Easing the load on the SAP databases
  • Automating a variety of capturing processes
  • Working in your familiar mySAP environment
  • Convenient and automatic project documentation