hagebau Handelsgesellschaft für Baustoffe

Performance through cooperation – under this slogan 235 partners merged with some 930 operating units to form hagebau Handelsgesellschaft für Baustoffe (partnership for building materials) in order to be able to compete successfully against other corporations in the market-place.

DIY stores select EASY.

The option for fully automatic data transfer directly from the hibis system was a key factor for selecting software. Moreover, provisions had to me made to ensure that data from different merchandise and planning control systems could be transferred via an integrated COLD module.

Another factor was document transfer from MS Office applications and Exchange. Fast and simple archiving of NCI documents – e.g. returned delivery notes – via barcode or OCR is paramount to all DIY stores.

Optimal service

“The experience of the partners, performance and easy use of the EASY system were convincing,” says Mr. Zoll of hagebau data service. “Success stands and falls with user acceptance when implementing new software. That’s why we put our emphasis on a user-friendly system. With its full text retrieval option, EASY is so flexible that it allows even IT users without much practice to retrieve the required documents speedily.” Since document management is becoming increasingly significant, an archive system without an interface to workflow or DMS would be anachronistic. For this reason, hagebau data service sought out a strong partner with long-term experience in the electronic archiving and DMS sectors and who in addition had already carried out EASY installations at hagebau DIY stores: the DMS group. To meet the various dimensions prevailing with individual hagebau partners and, in conjunction with this, the various record volumes, three upwards compatible packages were designed. This agreement allows the partners not only to benefit from the experience during project discussion, but also from trouble-free installation, specific training courses and the price advantage that goes with it.

Requirements & targets

  • Digitization in batch operation, and convenient indexing
  • Manual or automatic indexing
  • State-of-the-art recognition software that even processes andwritten notes
  • Perfect OCR and barcode recognition due to ABBYY FineReader