Gemeindeamt Aschach an der Steyr

“Recycling” mountains of files at the municipal office of Aschach an der Steyr, Austria.In August 2008, the EASY DOCUMENTS project was launched at the municipal office of Aschach an der Steyr.

Conversion to electronic invoice processing as well as planning the general archive structure were the initial milestones for the first month.

Each employee was involved with the project right from the start to enable consideration and planning of all dependencies of departments concerning electronic processes. Only a month later all departments were working with EASY DOCUMENTS, with every file being completely electronically stored. Besides normal operation, old files were continually entered subsequently. Thus, for instance, all contracts or large parts of the construction file were entered electronically.

“I’m better informed than before, and I can view and edit the individual files without time pressure,” says Mayor Karl Bogengruber.

It is above all the complete overview of daily processes in the office that he appreciates with the use of the document management system. Now he can view the files at any time, having enough time for this because no officer is waiting for the file.

Chief officer Monika Steinmair is also convinced that the edits by officers have become far more efficient, and clearer. Files do not need to be copied multiple times to enable editing through several officers or to simply ensure information flow for employees. Additionally, all changes to the current processes are also immediately visible to all those involved.

This not only allows optimizing processing times, but information transfer works trouble-free across all departments.

Besides the advantages mentioned concerning daily work, it is above all the new options of searching for documents that are probably the greatest gain for the future.

“Too much time was very frequently wasted in searching for documents”, comments Monika Steinmair.

This has now become a thing of the past because documents can no longer vanish without a trace in the storage system. “For instance, not being able to display the entire correspondence on a project including all documents with a mouse click has become unthinkable. Likewise, I want to be able to view the construction file from a real estate agent including the tax file from the accounting department.”

Today, about one year after the project was launched, you will find very few paper documents on the municipal office desks. All employees have long come to agree on the advantages of the electronic file.

The municipal office employees at Aschach an der Steyr are confident: “With EASY, we have selected the right trendsetting solution!”

Requirements & targets

  • Efficient information flow
  • Ad hoc distribution and rule-based workflows
  • Extensive DMS functions via browser
  • Automated processing
  • Full text search in document contents
  • Apple iPhone support