Betty Barclay GmbH & Co. KG

The smart Betty Barclay outfits that can be found in any well-stocked clothing store or in the online shop have for many years been a well-known brand, most of all among our lady readers. Certainly less known is the fact that the origins of the established brand, headquartered in Nussloch near Heidelberg, Germany, go back to 1938. Today the company is one of Europe’s leading DOB providers, employing a staff of about 900. Besides the regular brand, the range, which for some years now has been augmented with sunglasses and perfumes, also includes the product lines Gil Bret and Vera Mont to provide the perfect outfit for ladies.

Requirements & targets

  • Sacrificing the paper archive
  • Quality improvement of invoice verification and allocation
  • Processing 45,000 invoices per year
  • Fast ROI
  • 5 days saved per month
  • Europe-wide integration (Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, France, UK, and the Netherlands)
  • 130 auditors

“The past ten years have seen some 12,000 folders with an accumulation of purchase and outgoing invoices. That’s a lot of paper requiring a lot of space in a separate storeroom. Monitoring the budget, i.e. matching “as is” states with budget targets was a particularly time-consuming process because we had to find individual invoices in case of doubt. It was not just our employees in the Accounting or Controlling departments, but also auditors who continued to demand quick access to individual records at the touch of a button. That’s why we wanted to convert to electronic capture and archival of all invoices.”

Nadine Dencker
Nadine DenckerReporting & Controlling, Betty Barclay