EASY Workflow

EASY Workflow

EASY Workflow

EASY Workflow is your instrument for easy-to-implement workflow management. This tool is the ideal solution for creating a variety of document-based processes in the company easier, safer and more efficiently. Lead times are reduced; the costly and time-consuming processing and forwarding of paper files can finally be a thing of the past.

With EASY Workflow, numerous business processes, such as rule-based processing of incoming invoices, or processing of incoming mail can be efficiently controlled, so that all information is assigned to the correct contacts and business processes without delay. Thus, EASY Workflow provides, e.g. representative regulations, so that business-critical operations are always handled in the scheduled time. Immobilised documents are a phenomenon of the past thanks to follow-up and reminder functions.

Location independent, web-based access and intuitive operation enables fast and targeted operations processing by the user. The support of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) allows the work in EASY Workflow to occur virtually independent of place and time of day. The detailed authorisation system ensures at all times that only authorised employees can view or edit business processes. Thanks to reporting and live analysis, you keep an overview of your information, processes and business at all times.

Starting point

In the course of various paper-based processes, process-related information always comes back to long transport and storage times. This causes a lack of transparency with regard to the processes and their progress. Ability to provide information is highly restricted. In response, numerous ad hoc processes take place outside the defined business processes and employees become frustrated.


EASY Workflow is a powerful and flexible platform for optimising your business processes. Whether rule-based processing of incoming mail, incoming invoice examination, digital personnel or contractual documents, EASY Workflow adapts flexibly through a variety high-performance, out-of-the-box solutions to your individual wants and needs.

The powerful Workflow engine further routes documents easily and securely to the next editor and next processing step. This can either be triggered by the user as a so-called ad hoc workflow or for recurring operations in accordance with predefined standard workflows in the enterprise. These are quickly created or adjusted with MS Visio©.

Based on modern technologies and the consistent realization as a web client, EASY Client allows employees not only access from the workplace (desktop, laptop), but also mobile access with all the modern, web-enabled devices (tablets and others). Thus, users are free in time and place of use and gain maximum flexibility when accessing stored documents or workflow processes.


  • Hızlı ve düşük maliyetli yatırım.

  • Increased employee efficiency

  • Flexibility of business through e.g. prompt, meaningful results

  • Increased security through reliable time management, representative regulations, escalation management

  • Maximum transparency on the status of each process

  • Intelligent process control

  • High usability


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