EASY View is an efficient tool for the most powerful and faithful representation of documents in different formats. Conversion of formats takes place on the server rather than the client. The advantage is that it is not necessary to install additional software on the client. Besides improved work efficiency, it leads to significant savings potential (e.g. in the field of royalties), also care and maintenance are reduced to a minimum.

Another key feature is the high performance of converting documents into defined file types, such as JPEG, PDF, PNG or TIFF. This conversion is now possible for more than 300 different file formats. Additionally, documents with EASY View can be printed and scaled easily. The quick and easy presentation of content increases efficiency and, ultimately, EASY View’s user-friendliness. Another added value is high image fidelity, which leads to more confidence in dealing with EASY View and allows easy navigation.

Starting point

Document attachments can be in a wide variety of file types. Traditionally, each of the applications for display (and editing) requires a local installation. In addition to high administrative costs, this entails not least high licensing costs. In many cases, only one access as reader (not editor) is necessary.


With EASY View, a variety of over 300 file types can be displayed, read and printed if required. EASY View is characterized by high speed of presentation files to be converted (high performance) and near-perfect fidelity. In particular, the image quality, which describes to what extent the converted file representation corresponds to the original file, is one of the most important quality criteria when viewing.

Inasmuch as EASY View is purely server-based, no additional software installation is necessary on the client. All adjustments and maintenance are made easily and centrally on the server. Files are transferred for conversion on the EASY View Server. There, they are converted to a format defined by our customers. Conventional target formats are JPEG, PDF, PNG and TIFF. The converted file can be shown quickly on the client and optionally supplemented or scaled (e.g. graphical annotations, rotations, magnifications). The converted file can also be printed without any problems. Output formats to be converted can be e.g. Microsoft Office, Open Office, image, e-mails or AutoCAD. Theoretically, however, almost every conceivable format can be converted through configurable additional adapters.

In addition to the view, typical application scenarios for EASY View are converting files for creating thumbnails or printing documents.


Using EASY View offers many advantages and savings potential

  • Due to EASY View’s very good performance, users’ work efficiency increases noticeably

  • Maintenance and administration overhead remains low, because all customisations are performed on the server side

  • High fidelity allows fast and secure navigation in large documents, affects work efficiency positively, and can also increase employee satisfaction

  • In addition, under certain circumstances fewer license costs are involved, because no additional applications for displaying different formats must be installed.

  • Use of a single viewer for displaying various file formats, no switch between multiple applications is necessary.


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