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EASY Invoice

EASY Invoice is the efficient solution for digital invoice processing. Incoming invoices are recorded in a secure and transparent process and invoice information extracted reliably. The bill then goes through a review and approval workflow, booking details are passed to the downstream ERP system and the invoice is archived revision secure. As a responsible manager, you always have an overview of all operations. EASY Invoice is harmoniously integrated into an existing IT landscape and grows with the company.

Starting point

Processing of incoming invoices presents companies with more challenges than one would expect at first glance. Again and again, bills get lost easily and cannot be recovered due to poor process transparency and consistency. At the other end of the scale, bills are repeatedly initiated and possibly paid twice in the process. Bills in the editing workflow are often subject to long transport and storage times. At any rate, review and approval processes, especially for paper-based systems, are costly and lengthy. The consequence is breach of payment deadlines and the loss of discount options.


With EASY Invoice you simplify your invoice receipt process. All incoming invoices, in paper form or digital as e-mail, are first scanned or imported by the system. With high accuracy, the data can be read and verified by comparing with existing information from other sources (e.g. ERP systems) for accuracy and plausibility. At the same time, a formal test (e.g. §14 UstG) takes place on the one hand, a balance to the order on the other hand. Data validated in this way are then handed over to review and approval workflow. Clerks, cost center managers and accountants get their operations delivered automatically and can concentrate fully on their tasks in the processing chain.In the next step, the tested and approved invoices are submitted for posting to the ERP system, and finally stored in a revision-proof digital archive. Digitized documents are thus available both during the review and approval process to all authorised users, as well as at any later date. This access can be carried out either from the solution itself or seamlessly from a connected ERP system. EASY Invoice ensures high process reliability and short implementation times through a very high degree of standardisation – already more than 200 customers rely on it. The flexible and scalable solution is also suitable for almost all sizes of business, because your business grows.


  • Quantitative

    • Saves procurement costs
    • Reductions in personnel expenses
    • Reliable use of discount effects
    • Optimisation of resources
  • Qualitative

    • Reduction of error sources
    • Flexible access to testing and approval process
    • Increases the ability to provide information
    • Increases the reliability of forecastst
  • Ecological

    • Savings in office space
    • Reduction of energy consumption
    • Elimination of copies/accompanying documents

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