EASY Interface


EASY Interface

EASY Interface provides a consolidated interface for various applications. Thus, EASY modules communicate efficiently and transparently with each other and/or with third-party applications. EASY Interface is a sleek and powerful interface for the respective server. Access is transparent and operation is easy to learn. With EASY Interface, the end user or the consultant benefits from little training, high investment and future-proofing and obtains “the” tool for his own integrations.

Installing EASY Interface can be performed independently from the installed archive or ECM system. High reliability and flexible load distribution as well as independence of platform and operating system round off the interface.

Starting point

  • Many different, partly complex interfaces to EASY solutions
  • High costs for integration
  • Multiple efforts for standard development and system integration
  • Poor portability of individual project integration solutions
  • Poor maintainability of individual project integration solutions


EASY Interface is the uniform interface for integrating into any existing EASY Server systems. Thus, integration solutions simplify and shorten lead times for implementation. Furthermore, EASY Interface supports improved porting of integration solutions and facilitates the maintainability of the integration code.

With EASY Interface you are guaranteed transparent access at all times. Dealing and working with EASY interface are easy to learn due, among other things, to the use of current programming tools. EASY makes you fit for using EASY Interface in a two days of training.

Other highlights of EASY Interface are high reliability and load balancing for better performance.


EASY Interface connects to your current infrastructure easily. Training requirements for users and developers are very low. Therefore, projects are quickly “solution ready” with EASY Interface.

In addition, you benefit with EASY Interface from high investment and future security and obtain a compelling tool for your own integrations.


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