The modern personnel department - enhanced efficiency and security


The personnel and company files

Enhanced security and transparency. Flexible and clearly structured storage of personnel files and other information in personnel management.

Applicant management

Enhance your position in the war for talents. Efficient control of the complete recruiting process, from job posting through to employment.

Seminar management

Maximum performance and satisfaction for your employees through efficient qualification and seminar management.

Personnel management today

Many enterprises are still keeping personnel files as a traditional paper file today, with many processes still paper-bound and manual. Growing requirements, both on the side of enterprises themselves and on the side of legislation, as well as increasing competitive pressure from the market make traditional personnel management increasingly more expensive.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Increasing complexity of HR processes
High expenditures when accessing personnel files with distributed sites
Difficult compliance with legal provisions when accessing personnel files, and frequent incomplete proof of accessing personnel files
Expensive and insecure controlling of a access to various personnel file parts
Inflexible process support with elementary HR processes
Needs-based recruitment of the right specialists as a success factor for an enterprise in the ever fiercer “war for talents”
Expensive recruiting and increased expectations of candidates
Increasing requirements for strategic human resources and qualification management of your own employees

We’ve got the perfect solution!

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EASY HR: New decisions and good reasons

Ease of use and intuitive handling. Revision-proof access, traceable anytime, to information and files regardless of site, as well as saving costs in storage space and search – these are good reasons for implementing the modular solution EASY HR in your personnel department.

  • Worker processes in the Human Resources scope are controlled.
  • Operations in the personnel department become more transparent, secure, and faster.
  • The load of burdensome routine activities is eased for employees.
  • Confidence in handling sensitive HR information increases.
  • Many error sources can be avoided.

EASY HR Solutions

Digital personnel file and company file

With its digital personnel file, EASY HR provides safe and simple storage of sensitive HR documents, completely controllable access, and always complete documentation.

Flexible on- and off-boarding management capability controls and monitors all tasks accruing with recruitment and release of employees.

The digital company file provides flexible and safe storage for all information and documents in the Human Resources scope which goes beyond personnel files.

Job posting and applicant management

Electronic job posting and applicant management tremendously eases the workload in recruiting processes; it increases your responsiveness and, through accelerated processes and transparent control, improves the results in recruitment.

Seamless connection to online job markets, both on your own company homepage and on many third-party sites, facilitates solid information flow and quick results.

Qualification and seminar management

Qualification and seminar management ensures that you not only keep a continual overview of the options and abilities of your employees, but it also supports you in in-service training and strategic HR development.

Your benefits with EASY

  • Centralized storage

    A centralized digital personnel file for enterprise-wide transparency.

  • Company file

    A digital company file for all non-people related information and documents in the HR scope.

  • Qualification

    Efficient seminar management for internal and external actions through qualification guidelines and agreements.

  • Recruiting

    “Win the war for talents” – Efficient, process-controlled recruiting and selection procedure including integration into all popular applicant portals/social networks.

  • Legal guidelines

    Corporate Governance and Compliance

  • Flexible

    Flexible adjustment to your HR processes



Easing the load of personnel departments and the entire company

The Digital Personnel File, Digital Company File, Job Posting and Applicant Management and Qualification and Seminar Management modules make many operations easier, faster, and more secure.

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