EASY for Notes Line

EASY for Notes LINE

EASY for Notes Line

EASY Line for Notes enhances IBM® Notes®/Domino® with the possibility of archiving documents and data revision compliant, and the company thus enables the imaging of continuous business processes and seamless integration of solutions in the company’s infrastructure. EASY for Notes is the ideal solution for linking EASY DMS. Information from the IBM® Domino®/Notes® environment is provided across applications throughout the enterprise. Powerful search clients ensure greater transparency and speed.

Starting point

IBM® Notes®/Domino® is popular among users in the field of groupware. In IBM® Notes®, you manage, send and edit documents in a closed IBM system. In use, however, you can also show challenges: Overloaded servers respond slowly, research in old data sets can be cumbersome and the subject of the revision-proof archiving is not solvable alone with IBM® Notes®, because there are no overarching solutions available for making documents and other processes revision secure outside this system.


EASY for Notes integrates both server and client side perfectly in existing IBM® Notes®/Domino® environments and is the ideal solution for linking EASY DMS. Documents and attachments are archived and searched directly from IBM® Notes®. EASY for Notes combines IBM® Lotus Notes®/Domino® with the comfort and security of modern document management systems.
E-mails are the only exception: EASY for Notes handles all Notes documents. Thus, the Notes database is relieved of material that is not permanently required and is clean and fast. In addition, EASY for Notes allows significant savings in the storage environment: Messages with attachments that are sent to multiple people, are only stored once in the archive.
Archiving in an IBM® Lotus Notes®/Domino® environment is highly configurable. Taking into account the specific structures in IBM® Lotus Notes®, it can be carried out according to freely definable criteria. Thanks to formula language, you can define your own archiving rules unassisted.
In addition to relieving databases and reducing storage volume, documents can be made available loss-free to foreign Notes processes and files. In addition to the many Notes features, quality enhancements can be carried out in the offline mode and browser-based IBM Lotus iNotes. Integration into IBM widget technologies completes the range of functions.


  • More safety for the user: Revision secure archiving of all Notes documents from any application in accordance with legislation

  • Improved server performance by relieving the databases

  • Minimal maintenance and administration expenses

  • Easy release upgrades by using IBM® Notes® standards

  • EASY for Notes suits your individual needs perfectly: Thanks to formula language, individual archiving rules can be defined flexibly

  • Potential savings in storage: For the purposes of eliminating duplicates, all attachments are saved and archived only once

  • More transparency and efficiency thanks to powerful search client

  • Greater efficiency and ease of use for your work environment: EASY for Notes sidebar search


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