EASY for Microsoft Line


EASY for Microsoft Line

The EASY for Microsoft Line gathers several solution modules that help the user work with Microsoft products, connect Microsoft products with revision-proof EASY Archive and enable cross-system business processes. EASY for Dynamics NAV and EASY for Dynamics AX allow revision compliant and easy-to-use archiving of incoming and outgoing documents in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. EASY for SharePoint connects EASY Archive with Microsoft SharePoint environments and allows revision-compliant archiving of documents and metadata from SharePoint as well as displaying integrated business processes across system boundaries. EASY for Exchange extends Microsoft Exchange to secure and complete e-mail archiving and provides significant relief of the sensitive Microsoft infrastructure. EASY for Office 365 opens the outstanding ECM capabilities of the products EASY for Exchange and EASY for SharePoint as well as for Microsoft Office 365.

Starting point

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX allow neither direct filing nor direct access to ERP-related documents in a revision-proof repository
  • Microsoft SharePoint cannot archive proprietary content in a revision-proof manner without additional solutions either
  • Processing incoming invoices
    • Invoices get lost
    • Lack of process transparency and quality
    • Long waiting and transportation times
    • Elaborate testing and release procedures
    • Missed deadlines
    • Multiple recording of invoices


With EASY for Dynamics NAV and EASY for Dynamics AX you expand your Microsoft ERP solution to central functions for document management and revision-proof storage. Thus, documents, files, e-mails, and other digital information carriers can be captured, stored, displayed and edited in all business processes shown with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX. This is done directly in ERP Client to the relevant operational process entities, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, facilities, equipment, contracts and projects.

EASY for Dynamics AX Invoice optimises incoming invoice auditing for Microsoft Dynamics AX. EASY for Dynamics AX Invoice forms the process of incoming invoice auditing end-to-end, i.e. from scanned collection and testing, release and posting to revision-proof archiving. The review and approval workflow is started in AX, and produces test and release requests that are reported by mail to responsible co-workers. These operators call their workflow tasks from the mail and do this in the browser with a few mouse clicks. The solution makes use of the market-leading SharePoint workflow engine Nintex for imaging the complete audit workflows.

With EASY for Office 365, EASY provides the opportunity to archive documents, e-mails and data of your Office 365 deployment from the online world simply and inexpensively to a location of your trust – also locally in your own company.

EASY for SharePoint is the integrated document management and archiving solution for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013. It ideally combines the document structures of SharePoint with legally compliant storage in EASY Archive. Various web parts provide access to all company archives and EASY workflows directly from the SharePoint interface.

EASY for Exchange extends Microsoft Exchange to revision-proof e-mail archiving, relieves the exchange infrastructure and forms the basis for a far-reaching automation of business processes.


  • Automatic archiving (and indexing) in the background

  • Increased (legal) security through complete, revision-proof archiving

  • High compliance through automated processes

  • Less manual recording and filing work

  • Increased employee efficiency through cross-system business processes

  • Relief of the Microsoft infrastructures

  • Potential cost savings (off-loading data from the Office 365 cloud into better local storage)

  • Ecological: Savings in office space (paper archive), reduction of energy consumption, elimination of copies/accompanying documents

  • Qualitative: Reduces error sources, more flexible access to processes, increases ability to provide information, increases reliability of forecasts

  • Quantitative: Saves procurement costs, reduces personnel costs, optimises resources


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