EASY Contract

EASY Contract

EASY Contract

EASY Contract is the modern, web-based system for centralised management and processing of contracts. All documents, information and other systems are easy to find for all parties involved, whereby a single, current level of information is guaranteed. Contract management with EASY Contract supports the entire “life cycle” of a contract: Contract acquisition, contract preparation, contract monitoring, contract controlling. With EASY Contract you have complex approval workflows under control with versioning and document management, whether it comes to service, maintenance, rental, cooperation, purchase or support contracts.

EASY Contract provides an overview of all contracts concluded and electronic support for creating new contracts.

Starting point

Whether purchasing, IT or in the HR department, in everyday life we encounter the most diverse types of contracts, such as employment, tenancy or lease agreements. Businesses often struggle in this context with inconsistent templates for creating such contracts, long waiting times (due to slower communication via internal mail) and unexplained responsibilities for contracts and their storage.
Mostly, there are several copies of the same contract with different working levels. This means that the people involved have a different level of information, which in turn complicates communication and fluent cooperation.
Manually maintained contract lists are not only time consuming, but in most cases incomplete. In the best cases, schedules for administrative agreements are noted in personal Outlook calendars, resulting in missed deadlines especially in an employees’ absence or departure. Another problem is lack of contract list timeliness.


EASY Contract serves central and digital contract management. Any types of contracts can be created, tested, managed and shared, based on tailor-made workflows. A central deadline calendar with automated notifications and multi-level escalation management ensures that no deadlines are missed. In addition, standardised templates can be entered for creating contracts.
Powerful search facilities as well as easy-to-use search and filter functionalities are supported on the one hand by the simple indexing of contracts, as well as by the possibility of full-text search.
During and after the simple acquisition and indexing of contract, they can be provided with keywords. Thereby, powerful search facilities as well as easy-to-use search and filter functionalities are made possible.
EASY Contract contains integrated contract partner and contact management, which can be coupled with external sources, such as vendor master. Further important for EASY Contract are the comprehensive DMS functions such as versioning, clear authorisation concept and clear rules of accountability.
Service and maintenance requirements for EASY Contract are manageable. Easy administration is possible even without IT skills.


  • Transparent management of all kinds of contracts

  • Clear responsibilities and permissions

  • Quickly locate information and documents

  • Reduction of errors and shorten lead times through process-driven support from creation to signing

  • Faster response time, reducing costs, increasing customer satisfaction through consistent and transparent information on contracts

    • Detailed information on contractors
    • Overview of contract costs and revenues
  • Ensure compliance with deadlines through uniform calendar period for all contracts

  • Revision security through detailed logging


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