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EASY Client

The (web-based) EASY Client is the standard interface of the EASY ECM Suite and allows the user quick and intuitive access to information and documents as well as processing tasks in current business processes. The appearance and structure of the user interface can be adapted in many ways to individual requirements methods, processes shown, and not least the customer’s preferences and corporate identity (CI). The focus is consistently on ease of use and clarity of the information presented.

EASY Client is developed with state-of-the-art web technologies and is technically based on HTML 5. Development in progressive Responsive Design enables seamless use on all mobile, web-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Starting Point

Software solutions for daily work often provide users with various challenges. Not only is it constantly necessary to jump to and fro between different applications with different user interfaces in order to access various functionalities, but also the usability of each application is often limited, for example, when the operation is too complex for novice users, and too long and cumbersome for expert users.

In addition, in this day and age, time and local independence of work is becoming increasingly important, which is a key requirement for software solutions.

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EASY Client is the standard EASY ECM Suite user interface. Development is based technically on HTML 5 and thus uses the most up-to-date web technologies. Advanced Responsive Design enables seamless use on all mobile, web-enabled devices, such as smartphones or tablets. The interface layout always adapts automatically to the screen for each device and thus allows ergonomic operation for almost any device size and regardless of orientation (portrait or landscape).

With EASY Client, users obtain mobile access to all documents or workflow processes that are stored in the document management system, always stay connected with the company’s internal workflows and can easily participate in decision making processes – no matter where or when.

The newly developed Dashboard allows clear and dynamic representation of virtually any information in the quick overview. Each user can compose his personal Dashboard from predefined modules himself and thus view selected processes, information or characteristics on one side, if necessary quickly intervene in processes or retrieve all the relevant information for important decisions in the shortest time possible. Workspaces, tasks and frequently used information can be provided to the user in a clear, intuitive tree structure or in a more document-based perspective, in which small preview images (thumbnails) facilitate quick access to currently required information. In addition, the user can alternatively find information by using a full-text-based quick search or an advanced search, where he can specify which information, field properties, range of dates or data slots should be searched for, by entering the appropriate parameters. All information gathered is displayed clearly, and direct access to company information is possible. Shared data structures ensure that search results are available almost immediately.

EASY Client is suitable for more inexperienced users, as well as for advanced or expert operators. Numerous standard operations, such as drag and drop, can be performed easily. Hierarchical file structures, such as customer records, business records or procedure files can be filed with minimal effort at any time and adapted quickly to changing requirements. Existing information is stored in files in a split second; new files or processes are started with a single mouse click – all effortless and easy. However, for experienced users, highly efficient use through extensive keyboard control is also possible.



Experience the completely new EASY Client. Where the precursor product EASY Documents has already set standards in terms of user ergonomics and clarity, with the new EASY Client the next level of user efficiency can be reached. EASY Client excels with a completely redesigned user interface, object movement using drag and drop in the web client, new scroll function, even simpler, dynamically sortable hit lists and new Dashboard features. Yet everything is familiar, so that after an update you can find your way immediately and no complicated post-training of employees is necessary.


The design of the user interface as an HTML5-based web client allows easy deployment in large companies or in different locations. Without local installation, just by entering a web address in the browser, the solution is immediately available at every location. Due to its modern, distributed architecture, the solution is highly scalable and allows the use of EASY ECM Suite in small companies as well as large corporations with dozens of locations in several countries. Multilingualism supports use in multinational installations.


The advantages of EASY ECM Suite not only allow use at the conventional workplace, however. Consistent implementation in the form of web client allows mobile, seamless access to all relevant company information as usual, regardless of time and place. An intelligent Responsive Design ensures equally easy presentation and utilization on all mobile devices – whether smartphone, tablet or notebook.


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