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EASY Capture Plus

EASY Capture Plus

EASY Capture Plus is the standard solution for detecting and extracting records and documents from all sources in a single solution with best connection to EASY ECM solutions. In addition to capturing paper documents, recording and processing of electronic documents with EASY Capture Plus is easy. Powerful detection and extraction of documents from different channels is a key technology of modern document management systems. With EASY Capture Plus, you have a tool available for integrating automatic detection into operations without problems. EASY Capture Plus offers extensive functions for efficient document capture from image sources (scanning), mail systems, print streams, and Office solutions. At the same time, EASY Capture Plus impresses with its high transaction security and transfers documents reliably to archive or workflow.

For the customer, EASY Capture Plus’ intuitive operation means a short learning curve and little faulty system operation. In offline mode, content can be captured even without connection to the server. Furthermore, EASY Capture Plus is server-based, scalable, multi-client capable, multi-lingual and allows cluster operation.

Starting point

Enterprise-wide capture and indexing of content is increasingly more complex and extensive in today’s information age. Often, companies work with separate solutions for capturing content from different input channels: Paper (scan), e-mails, Office documents, printing files and other digital information inputs. These separate solutions must not only be individually established and maintained, but also require different working methods and operations by the user and offer different options and functions. It’s hard to keep track of what is possible with what tool and the cost of necessary processing steps, extractions and exports is growing rapidly, as are costs associated with multiple efforts and training.

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EASY Capture Plus integrates all input channels of documents and content in one solution: Paper (scan), Office documents, print streams, e-mails, directories and other channels through which digital information can be obtained. Administration, operation, care and look and feel are consistent, regardless of the input channel. Thereby, transaction security of all processes is always guaranteed, even subsidiary and branch operations can be realized via proxy server function and does not represent a challenge for EASY. Operation in offline mode is also possible.

Intelligent extraction by EASY Capture Plus classifies and separates documents, reads relevant information automatically and provides extensive options for data conversion. EASY Capture Plus’ easy integration through open interfaces ensures optimal connection to EASY Software AG’s ECM solutions as well as ERP systems and databases.

EASY Capture Plus is a server-based, modular, scalable solution. Thus, EASY Capture Plus grows with your needs. Other features include multi-tenancy capability, the possibility of cluster operation, extensive Unicode, multi-language support and last but not least intuitive operation.


  • Significant cost savings through the use of a single, integrated solution from a single vendor

  • Easy to use collection of information from all input channels: A tool for all inputs

  • Increased employee efficiency and satisfaction through unified, intuitive operation

  • Security through transactional processing, web-based process monitoring and complete logging

  • Reduction in acquisition expenses through automatic extraction of information

  • Automatic comparison with existing data sources (e.g. directories, vendor name)

  • Simple technical administration through one solution rather than a variety of solutions

  • Future-proof security through scalability, modern technology and high flexibility thanks to server-based, modular design

  • Extensive customization to individual requirements

  • Easy integration due to open interfaces

  • Easy conversion of data in long-term formats, such as PDF/A


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