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EASY Archive

EASY Archive enables centralised and auditable storage of all information in a company and a quick search for their contents. EASY Archive captures any type of bulk data, structuring the document flow via integrated workflow functions, and ensures revision-proof long-term archiving. Intuitive, ergonomic interfaces enables business users to process information quickly and also to search according to years in a matter of seconds.

By means of additional solutions, information from existing data systems, such as an e-mail client or ERP system, can be recalled and displayed when required. Through seamless integration into existing information systems and their user interfaces, business users stay in their familiar working environment and do not have to change to a different user interface in order to search for information.

Starting Point

In the various sectors and departments within a company, documents, whether in written or electronic form, are created copied, redistributed and collected. Part of this information is less important, such as advertising in incoming mail, and only requires a brief review. Other information, such as personnel files, are in turn business-critical and require accurate viewing and secure retention so that information is not lost and can be recovered quickly.

The amount of different types of information remains a major challenge to the company: Can it be ensured in the future that all important and relevant information about a business process can be retrieved quickly via a central entry point? Is it possible to access relevant information from different connected IT systems? Can the right information be provided securely to the right people at the right time?



From the outset, EASY Archive was conceived as a solution for the most demanding environments in integrated document management and electronic archiving. For design and conception, there is focus on a differentiated set of requirements:

  • Revision-proof, clear storage of relevant information

  • Compliance with all legal requirements (GoBD)

  • Differentiated authorisation system with fine-grained, role-based rights structure

  • Quick and easy distribution of documents in the company

  • Scalability: For some departments, also suitable company-wide for small companies to global players

  • High availability

  • Reliability

  • Easy expandability (e.g. integration of new search technologies, databases, storage systems, etc.) without architectural changes

  • Multilingualism

  • Along with high availability, the high-end solution for small and medium-sized to large corporations is characterised especially by a cross-platform architecture that supports Microsoft Windows as well as for example Linux or Unix. EASY Archive is designed for processing a very large volume of documents with minimal administration.

With EASY Archive, you are always on the safe side

  • Legal requirements are securely met
  • High availability with no downtime
  • Automatic control of retention periods
  • Reduction in database volumes by avoiding multiple filing of the same information (single instance)
  • Comprehensible information about activities that are associated with documents or information
  • Employees in different countries work in their own language


  • Seamless and easy integration into existing IT infrastructure and ERP solutions in your company
  • Fast, simple and comprehensible distribution of documents
  • Subject indexing of document attachments
  • Comprehensive version management
  • Filing of documents by content-dependent organisation
  • Easy to use search options for content and structural features
  • Enhancements of standard functionalities through integrated scripting engine

Do the filing – in your own way

  • Long-term archiving and flexible connection to a variety of different storage systems
  • Direct connection to existing user management systems
  • Structured storage and display of e.g. supplier, customer or project files
  • New flexibility with adaptive structures to fit any information to your needs


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