More Effective & More Efficient: EASY Rethinks Customer Service

A good product is the best prerequisite for winning new customers. Good service is indispensable if you want to ensure your customers remain loyal to your product in the long term. Now that EASY has positioned our solutions in a new and improved light in many respects, it is only logical for the company to revitalise the foundations of our customer service over the next few months.


Doing What Is Right, Doing What Is Necessary

The corporate world is all about effectiveness and efficiency. Effectiveness means doing what is right, and doing what is necessary. Efficiency means doing everything in the best way possible. This applies to support at EASY, too – and even more so in the future than ever before.

EASY is tackling the entire support process, including the whole life cycle of an incident. Our goal: employees in support should be able to concentrate on their core duties. To make sure they can, EASY is introducing a Help Desk and a Customer Care Centre (CCC), and is dividing customer service into 1st Level, 2nd Level, and 3rd Level support.


A Central Point of Contact

In the future, all support enquiries will be received first by the Help Desk. It will act as a central gateway, the single point of contact for partners and customers. The Help Desk team will also take over 1st level support tasks, but it will also do more than just accept enquiries. Instead, it will also complete preliminary analyses, and search for solutions in a database of known and solved support queries. In addition, the team will ensure that all information for quick processing of support requests be available, thereby reducing CCC or 2nd level processing time.

If it is not possible to conclude the support issue on this level, colleagues in the Customer Care Centre, representing 2nd Level support, will come into play. These are product, application, and solution specialists, who will search for answers to service questions that have never been considered before. If necessary, they will consult with product development to handle issues, who will act as the 3rd Level support team.


More Efficient and More Reliable

The advantages of this structure are clear: each specialist will only deal with their own area, and will not have to answer enquiries that are outside of their field. Support enquiries that are similar to earlier cases will be solved more quickly. And having the Help Desk as a central point of contact ensures the highest possible level of transparency and reliability.

Over the course of 2016, EASY will be establishing the structures and assembling the teams we need for these new functions. The company will rely on cooperation from our partners to do so. If we want to become more efficient and more effective along the entire life cycle of a support enquiry, we cannot leave our partners out of the equation. Their experience is indispensable in the ongoing process of improvement EASY is striving for in the area of support.

EASY HR 3.0: The Solution for Efficient Personnel Management

Previous versions of personnel management solution EASY HR 3.0 were already successful – but in 2016, we feel that the topic of digitization has truly arrived in the HR department. Division heads and employees want solutions that address this change. Companies can benefit from more efficient personnel processes – especially now that EASY has significantly expanded both the technical and functional basis of its own HR solution with HR 3.0.


Standard Processes Included

First, let’s take a look at the technical side: EASY HR 3.0 includes significantly more processes, even with default settings. Besides master data and file management, application, onboarding, and offboarding processes are also integrated. One feature that’s especially interesting for EASY partners: EASY delivers a configurator along with the solution that allows them to define additional processes in a flash. A powerful workflow engine is also included, which greatly simplifies the integration of customer-specific reports. Thanks to this tool, EASY HR 3.0 can quickly and independently adjust to even complex customer processes.


Compliance Simplified

Another great feature is that EASY HR 3.0 provides effective support in the area of Compliance. Whether a company is adhering to all requirements, of course, remains in the hands of its HR department employees, even with EASY HR 3.0. However, EASY HR 3.0 does make their lives easier. For instance, if they need to review diplomas, health certificates, or drivers’ licenses due to legal initiatives, or if additional qualifications are required, the system will request these automatically.


Significantly Slimmer & Better Performing

EASY HR 3.0 has also made quite a few improvements from a functional standpoint as well. Just as before, users can still access the HR solution from anywhere through the web. New features, on the other hand, include reporting and access management. EASY has expanded these significantly for the new version. Now, there are hardly any personnel management roles that can’t be mapped with just a few clicks. Another great feature: just as in the new EASY Archive, in HR 3.0 it’s possible to restrict installation to the functions customers truly need. This makes installation and the entire system much slimmer and better performing.


Optimized Interface

Last but not least, EASY has cleared up and optimized the interface. The result is a slimmed down interface through which it’s easy to connect to all current portals such as the Bundesanstalt für Arbeit (Federal Labour Office), Stepstone, or Monster. All in all, we’re proud to say: with version 3.0, EASY HR is more flexible, slimmer, and better than ever before.

Thorsten Eska new member of the Management Board

EASY SOFTWARE AG Supervisory Board thus expanded to two persons

Mülheim an der Ruhr – The Supervisory Board of EASY SOFTWARE AG has appointed Mr. Thorsten Eska (49) as a new member of the Management Board, effective July 1, 2016. Thorsten Eska will be responsible for the Finance, Administration, HR, Legal Services, Procurement and Order Processing departments at EASY. Together with current CEO Willy Cremers, the EASY SOFTWARE Management Board will thus be composed of two members.

“With over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, we were able to win a qualified expert in Thorsten Eska to join the Management Board. In particular, his knowledge in the Integration Management, Change Management, Compliance, Process Management, and Business Administration divisions is of great strategic interest to EASY. By expanding our Management Board, we are taking account of the previous and future growth and development potential of EASY SOFTWARE AG,” comments Oliver Krautscheid, chairman of the Supervisory Board.

He will provide fresh impetus in the two key areas of our EASY FIT program: improving processes and change management in the HR division.

As an experienced executive, Thorsten Eska will take on responsibility in the above divisions.

Thorsten Eska: “To my mind, EASY SOFTWARE AG offers very positive potential for future-oriented development, given its ECM products and its employees. With this prospect in mind, I look forward to tackling this challenging and very interesting task.”

Thorsten Eska studied business administration and worked as senior executive in various capacities at Siemens, among others, as CEO of its subsidiaries and in business management. Thorsten Eska’s recent position was in various senior executive capacities for CANCOM SE.

The Management Board

Partner information 2016: Safely meet the future with EASY

For the second time, EASY SOFTWARE AG invited partners to join its partner information event – with an excellent response. More than 500 participants from over 40 partner businesses used this opportunity to obtain information about current and upcoming developments and solutions from the software manufacturer, optionally by personally coming to the HQ in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, or via live stream on the Internet. They perceived a strong EASY company, with a coherent product strategy and a clear message to its partners and the market:  EASY SOFTWARE is a modern company and prepared to meet the future.


Resorting and extending its products

At the beginning of the event, CEO Willy Cremers gave a review of 2015, another year of new departures for EASY:  “We were working not just intensely on our own structures but also resorted our products, intensively improving new, market-driven solutions.”

Following this, EASY presented its strategy, giving exclusive previews of the status of its current product portfolio. For example, our partners learned how EASY is

  • evolutionizing archiving
  • honing its EASY ECM Suite with a new release version
  • establishing Discovery
  • taking the application HR3 for personnel management into consideration, and
  • increasingly focusing on processes in SAP


Mobility at EASY

With a particularly keen interest, partners were looking at the novelties covering the topic of mobility at EASY. Project leader Marcel Rosenbaum presented initial mobile additions for the existing ECM Suite. They are used as the basis for later partner apps, facilitating faster integration of EASY Services through the Online Suite offering, such as Archive Service, OCR, or extraction.


For the benefit of both partners and customers

Partners and customers of EASY SOFTWARE AG will in future significantly benefit from the fact that EASY resorted its existing portfolio and is currently enriching it considerably. From this will result significantly greater agility, mobility, integrability, scalability, and flexibility over the entire product portfolio. Thus, a unique range of flexible and up-to-date tools is available to businesses intending to initially digitize or further digitize and automate their document-intensive business processes.

The mobile ECM Suite is coming

As part of the “next generation ECM project “SPIRIT”, EASY SOFTWARE AG succeeded in entering a strategic partnership alliance with Apinauten GmbH, an innovative startup business. Headquartered in Leipzig, Germany, the “Apinauts” have been offering a “mobile back-end‐as‐a‐service” solution called “apiOmat” in the market since 2012.


Launch in 2016

Thanks to this partnership alliance, EASY SOFTWARE AG will already be capable in 2016 of positioning offers in the market segment “Mobile ECM Suite” through which offers emerge enabling our customers to use ECM Suite solutions, in the form of specialized apps, also while traveling. Being the first ECM Suite app, “EASY Contact Mobile” will facilitate safe, site independent access to corporate contract data.


Rethinking usability

As part of EASY WORLD 2014, EASY had for the first time announced developing the next ECM generation software under the project name SPIRIT. Continuing this, EASY consequently presented the first SPIRIT mobile cases at EASY WORLD 2015. As far as the new ECM generation software is concerned, the EASY specialists have been rethinking usability of software: instead of focusing only on the software’s user interfaces, EASY tackling this topic through an integrated approach.


ECM solutions in record time

This new ECM generation software provides so-called business modules for the technical EASY ECM services which facilitate creating ECM solutions in record time, owing to simple configuration. The fundamentals of this new platform are, on the one hand, established EASY ECM services such as Archive, Rendition, OCR, etc., and data and documents. On the other hand, SPIRIT provides a wide range of new functionality and features which, particularly in the sector of document intensive processes, allow simple and efficient action. The SPIRIT platform is based on the modular design principle using different tools.

To organize its ongoing development to be in line with market requirements and hands-on practice as much as possible, EASY offers its partners the chance to contribute their ideas and suggestions to the development platform.


An intensive development partnership

In addition to integrating apiOmat into the SPIRIT Microservice framework, EASY SOFTWARE AG and Apinauten GmbH have begun further collaboration. An intensive development partnership, which already started in the form of a common kick-off event in Potsdam, Germany, is emerging as part of the ongoing development of SPIRIT and apiOmat. EASY’s commitment is designed through the corresponding agreements and contracts in such a manner that nothing stands in the way of a common and successful future.


The Microservice approach as an “app service”

The smart solution “apiOmat” allows connecting any back-end systems with phone-based devices and wearables. For SPIRIT, apiOmat establishes the connection between the ECM Suite and phone-based devices and seamlessly integrates with the SPIRIT Microservice approach as an “app service”. Besides, apiOmat is featured in the market overview of the Gartner analysts as ranking equal with the established IBM, Microsoft, Oracle or SAP solutions. Using apiOmat enables the SPIRIT project to make an initial contribution to the ECM Suite portfolio at a significantly earlier date, i.e. about two years earlier than scheduled.

Christmas donation from EASY: About €6,000 for the local initiative “WiM – Willkommen in Mülheim (Welcome to Mülheim)”

Spendenübergabe bei EASY (v.l.n.r. Martina Appold, Willy Cremers, Anoar Derbo & Steffi Tapp)Handing over the donation at EASY (from left to right: Martina Appold, Willy Cremers, Anoar Derbo, and Steffi Tapp)

The resultant sum left nearly all those involved “flabbergasted”: About €6,000 were collected in a fundraising campaign, organized by EASY SOFTWARE AG, on behalf of the local initiative “WiM – Willkommen in Mülheim (Welcome to Mülheim)”. “We’re fully aware that companies may also take on social responsibility in the current situation regarding Germany’s refugee influx so, as a Mülheim-based company, getting involved in our hometown seemed an obvious choice,” says EASY CEO Willy Cremers, commenting on this charitable donation.


“Although, like others, EASY SOFTWARE AG is unable to save the world at the last minute, we still hope that we were able to make a small contribution through our fundraising campaign to improve at least the situation of these newcomers to Mülheim. It’s simply magnificent how our employees and executive have joined forces to serve such a good cause,” adds company spokesman Joachim Brysch.


Instead of sending Christmas cards to partners and customers, EASY decided to launch a fundraising campaign this year. The organization WiM was selected from among a list of prospective beneficiaries. Under the direction of its founder, Reinard Jehles, this organization distributes donations of food, clothes and money to people seeking refuge in Mülheim from persecution and war in their home countries. More than 80 volunteers working in this local initiative are looking after people arriving in Mülheim, with many refugees themselves now being involved as volunteers.


EASY SOFTWARE AG placed a donation box at its premises which met with a positive response from its employees. Thus the “EASYans” collected a total sum of €6,079.10, which was handed over as a check by Willy Cremers and Martina Appold to the WiM executive on December 9, 2015.


“We’d never ever have thought we’d receive such a sum,” said Steffi Tapp and Anoar Derbo of WiM, visibly delighted with the Christmas donation from EASY. “The money comes at the right time and we already have a few ideas on how to actually use it”


EASY SOFTWARE signs agreement for acquisition of partial business from nextevolution AG

EASY SOFTWARE AG has signed the agreement for the acquisition of the operational partial business for integrated SAP process solutions from nextevolution AG. This acquisition is subject to conditions precedents. The modular software solutions nextPCM increase the benefit of the SAP system for midsize businesses and groups through integrated business processes. They give support when creating documents and through electronic file concepts. This completely new business division will enable EASY, along with sales partners as value added resellers, to offer a wide range of file solutions directly in SAP based on preconfigured templates and in this way to develop new business units.

New offering for SAP users

“Today, enterprise content management is essentially about automating business processes,” says Willy Cremers, CEO of EASY SOFTWARE AG. This is a sector where EASY is already a leader in the German market. Completing the suite with still deeper, proven process expertise in the SAP sector is consistent with the corporate strategy. “With nextPCM, we are positioning an additional offering besides our EASY ECM Suite which specifically addresses the SAP market, thereby underscoring our endeavors to continue, along with partners and customers, both national and international expansion,” adds Mr. Cremers.

Modular, integrated, and very easy – that’s nextPCM, the new SAP solution suite

A single platform, myriad solutions: Whether you’re involved with invoice or personnel management; or contract, logistics and real estate management – important processes are available as native nextPCM modules for SAP. They can therefore be quickly and easily integrated. Automated in this manner, the business processes are the basis for greater productivity, higher quality, and shorter response times across industries – and this very easily and without SAP programming knowledge. Renowned enterprises are already relying on nextPCM and the know-how of the 28 new EASY employees who will act as a sub-division of the company from the Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Vienna sites.


EASY SOFTWARE AG of Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany designs and develops sustainable solutions for electronic files and archiving, as well as process automation. These solutions are efficient and easy to install and maintain. This, for instance, applies to digital invoice processing, contract management, human resources, as well as to numerous other enterprise divisions and departments. With more than 12,000 cross-industry customer installations, EASY SOFTWARE is a leading German manufacturer of software for electronic document management, digital archiving, and workflow. It has subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

Neue Partner v. l. n. r.: Carsten Werrner (EASY), Willy Cremers (Vorstand EASY), Fabian Henrichsen (Geschäftsführer ILC Technologies), Thomas Cziesla (EASY)

EASY SOFTWARE AG is an OEM partner of ILC Technologies GmbH

EASY SOFTWARE AG is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of ILC Technologies GmbH. EASY will eventually integrate the smart ILC software as an OEM component under the name of Discovery with its ECM Suite.


Smart information supply

ILC extends the EASY SOFTWARE solution portfolio primarily in regard to strategic information supply for customers. Using a smart system, it ensures that all relevant information is available on a central interface regardless of whether it comes from internal systems or external data sources on a customer, project or document. This allows significantly minimizing search times and formulating processes in a considerably more effective and successful way.


Premiere at EASY World 2015

Carsten Werner (Head of Partner Management at EASY), Willy Cremers (EASY CEO), Fabian Henrichsen (Managing Director of ILC Technologies), and Thomas Cziesla (Head of Portfolio Management at EASY, from left to right)  concluded their future collaboration at the EASY SOFTWARE premises in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany. EASY will publicly present Discovery for the first time on September 23, 2015 at the EASY World 2015 event at Stadthalle (Guildhall) Mülheim an der Ruhr. EASY SOFTWARE AG and ILC Technologies GmbH are already looking forward to this premiere date and to a successful and long-term partnership alliance.

General meeting 2015: Clear vote for Management Board and Supervisory Board

The annual general meeting of EASY SOFTWARE took place from 10:00 to 4:30 p.m. on July 9, 2015 at Stadthalle (Guildhall) Mülheim where, with an overwhelming majority of about 99 percent, the shareholders of EASY SOFTWARE AG formally approved the actions of the officiating CEO Willy Cremers (Management Board) as well as of the Supervisory Board members Oliver Krautscheid, Stefan ten Doornkaat, and Prof. Dr. Helmut Balzert for the financial year 2014. The Management Board and Supervisory Board took the opportunity to thank the departing Prof. Dr. Balzert for his consistently constructive and committed support of EASY SOFTWARE AG, which was applauded by the attending shareholders.

Moreover, the shareholders re-elected Oliver Krautscheid, chairman of the Supervisory Board, and Stefan ten Doornkaat, member of the Supervisory Board – Mr. Krautscheid in his role as chairman of the Supervisory Board unanimously in the constituent meeting. The current Supervisory Board is now completed with Thomas P. Mayerbacher, a qualified industrial engineer. Our shareholders appointed him as successor to Prof. Dr. Balzert.

Concerning other agenda items of the annual general meeting 2015 that require a vote, the shareholders of EASY SOFTWARE AG adopted the executive board’s suggestions. More details can be found in the documents on the general meeting 2015 as well here on the EASY site (please note that this information is currently available only in German language).


The Management Board

EASY SOFTWARE AG terminates Stock Lending Agreement with otris software AG

Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, April 24, 2015

EASY SOFTWARE AG holds 46% of the shares of otris software AG. An additional

stock lending of 5% of the shares has previously resulted in a majority holding of 51% in that company. With the consent of the Supervisory Board, the EASY SOFTWARE AG Management Board today decided to no longer extend this Stock Lending Agreement, the result of which is that it will expire, according to contract, by April 30, 2015.

EASY SOFTWARE AG will still hold an investment share of 46% in otris software AG. However, expiration of the Stock Lending Agreement ensures that effective April 30, 2015, otris software AG will be deconsolidated, and considered, as of May 1, 2015, as an associate company in the consolidated financial statement.

The losses in revenue within the EASY SOFTWARE group resulting from deconsolidation are estimated to amount to about 10% for the current financial year, in which otris software revenues are still consolidated pro rata temporis. On a 12-month basis (from financial year 2016 onwards), the Management Board assumes losses in revenue to amount to 17%. However, deconsolidation has a positive effect on the income for 2015. The tentatively estimated profit from deconsolidation of otris software AG amounts to about €3 million.

The final determination of fair value is still pending.

Expiration of the Stock Lending Agreement does not affect proven cooperation with otris software AG, particularly the sales partnership alliance.


The Management Board