Big data & personnel management: How companies are already benefiting

In many industries and corporate areas, big data analyses have been part of everyday processes for quite some time. They support companies in achieving a strategic focus, in planning, and in assessing business processes and products. In HR department, big data is still underrepresented – however, we think this is going to change.   HR […]

The paperless office is an illusion? So what!

More and more companies are realizing that they can not only use Enterprise Content Management and digital workflows to significantly simplify and accelerate their internal processes, but also improve their brand perception by customers and business partners at the same time. Of the many bits of news produced by a current study on document management […]

Digitalization & archives: public memory for society and science

Usually, when we talk about digital archiving and digital files in this blog, we’re talking about companies or management who want to get ahead in their everyday work or make information available in acute decision-making processes. Recently, the Vice President of the Federal Archive in Koblenz addressed another – and no less important – aspect […]

CeBIT Revisited or “To Err Is Human”

As we all know, the devil is in the details. This particularly applies to the notoriously jumbled letters or digits. There are supposed to have been individuals who have been surprised with seven-digit amounts showing on their bank statements from one day to the next – though only until the bank noticed the accounting error […]

CeBIT 2016: First visit to the world of digitization

There’s always a first time – that’s what my colleague Patrick Schaber and I, both of us student trainees at EASY, thought as we were departing for CeBIT 2016. Because we must admit in all honesty that this was our first visit to the world’s largest tradeshow for information technology. The tradeshow organizers’ motto this […]