Mid-sized businesses making their way into the cloud – with EASY on hand to help

The cloud is taking off: some mid-sized businesses are still sceptical of its benefits, but the majority seem to be convinced, having decided that problems like data privacy and data security can be overcome. A recent study confirmed this shift. But one thing’s not in the study: the EASY ECM Suite from the cloud offers […]

Digitalization: The economy has room to grow

The automotive industry is leading the way, but the tourism segment seems to have fallen asleep at the wheel when it comes to digitalization. Well, that might be a little too provocative, but the basic idea matches up with current findings by Arthur D. Little. Here’s a good example of one typical statistic: only two […]

Authorization Management: Make Data Accessible and Protect Information

More and more employees feel unsatisfied with their places of employment. Current surveys assume that up to 34 percent of employees will want to change jobs within the next two years. Fluctuation within companies is growing. Enterprise Content Management has never been more important than it is today.   Generation Y especially willing to change […]

Digital Transformation: Bosses are responsible

Most companies understand the importance of process digitization very well. However, most companies also seem to have trouble with implementation, as one study found out. The problem: bosses delegate responsibility, instead of managing it themselves.   On size and complexity At least, this is what one survey commissioned by a digital consulting firm found. 2,000 […]

The Challenge of Big Data: Knowing What’s Important

The topic of Big Data has been enjoying increased interest in the press, the economy, and in research for quite some time. But it’s not without its controversies: both ethical and moral issues continue to come up for discussion time and again. For example, there is the concern that the mass collection of data may […]