“9th Digital Invoice Day”: The right mix

At the 9th “Digital Invoice Day” event, in association with packaging specialist Infiana and the Bonn-based German Bundeszentralamt für Steuern, or Federal Central Tax Office, EASY SOFTWARE AG provided information about important aspects covering electronic invoices in business transactions. Executives from Finance & Accounts, Control and Organization departments used the opportunity at this one-day conference in Moers, Germany, for personal exchange of ideas regarding current topics and trends in accounting.


From conception to solution

More than 60 participants from various industries and business sizes attended the technical presentations, which also included an actual, hands-on user example of the EASY solutions in the context of electronic invoice processing. The path from conception through to the actual use of a solution, based on the project implemented at Infiana, was transparent to the participants. Moreover, the speakers explained, among others, the topic of “Automated invoice processing”. And this met with a clearly positive response from the participants. “Interesting audit and finance aspects with reference to real-life operation” was one of the comments to be heard afterwards, as was the comment: “a very enjoyable and informative event”.


Time for personal exchange

Following the technical presentations, there was enough time for visitors to engage in intensive discussions and personal talks. “To our participants, the right mix of technical standards and individual exchange is what counts. It seems that we were again able to meet this expectation. From the many positive responses I infer that we succeeded in credibly positioning EASY as a manufacturer with a full view of our customers’ requirements,” sums up Dirk Hupperich, one of the executives of the EASY Direct Sales department. So the “9th Digital Invoice Day” event was a full-blown success for all those involved.