Digitizing midsize businesses: EASY a top notch address

Mobile working are also increasingly gaining in significance in midsize businesses, because digitization is fast becoming prevalent in a growing number of organizations. However, working with different systems and software solutions will be possible not just in your own office rooms, but also from home or on the move. Mobile solutions make all required information accessible from anywhere. They simplify worker processes in enterprises. With its EASY ECM Suite, EASY also offers, among others, solutions that simplify and automate business processes, and make them more efficient. Mobile interaction with EASY ECM Suite? No problem.

Fittingly, in this conjunction the EASY product HR was recently given excellent rating by the Initiative Mittelstand (a midsize business initiative) as part of the innovation prize IT 2016: it came out among the top 20 IT solutions in Human Resources. EASY HR offers future-oriented, digital personnel management that enables great time-saving benefits for personnel departments.

For more information on digital contract management through EASY SOFTWARE, go to: http://www.easysoftware.us/ecm-modules/easy-contract/?lang=en