From Spirit to Suite: EASY is Making ECM Mobile

A few months ago, EASY introduced the Spirit project for the first time. One of the ideas behind the project was to make the ECM mobile through easily integrated apps. This means accessibility everywhere and at any time. At the last partner information day, EASY dove right in, presenting details and a surprise as well. After all, Spirit is taking off even more quickly than planned. EASY also announced concrete products for the ongoing fiscal year, including projects added thanks to our recently established strategic cooperation with a Leipzig start-up.

The new EASY Mobility Line is also becoming more of a key focus. It brings the modules of the ECM suite to mobile devices and desktops outside of company premises – and very little work is required to integrate the solution. At the same time, EASY is also developing usage-dependent billing models.


EASY Contract and Reference Files: Files to Go

In the second quarter of 2016, EASY will also be making the solution Contract Mobile available. Using the solution, customers can access all data in EASY Contract and edit it while on the go. No new infrastructure is required for this, so that the mobile solution can be implemented especially quickly. Mobile reference files are another equally interesting topic. This solution allows employees to gather digital files for a specific purpose and make these available on mobile devices. Files are then deleted automatically after a certain time. This product will also be available this year for partners and customers.


Mobile Vacation Request

As if all this wasn’t enough, many other scenarios are conceivable for a mobile ECM Suite. For example, a solution that works in conjunction with EASY HR 3.0 to facilitate mobile vacation requests. A significant advantage of this Spirit app is its flexibility. If, for example, a SAP HR solution is running in the background instead of HR 3.0, the app still works equally well. We plan to have this solution available in the second half of 2016.


Secure Deployment

Deployment is extremely easy. Customers just need an account on the EASY Spirit platform and a system that provides a securely encrypted connection to the platform. Spirit apps themselves can be downloaded from the Apple app store and from Google Play.