EASY Driver Training: Safety First

Overestimating one’s own abilities, incorrectly judging a situation, or reacting too late or in the wrong way: these are common causes of car accidents that drivers could have avoided. Correct, cautious behaviour isn’t just a question of acting rationally, it’s also a skill drivers can practice. A group of EASY employees recently took part once again in a safety training session by driver safety centre Fahrsicherheitszentrum Rheinberg GmbH. Keeping our employees safe is important to EASY. During the safety training, participants practiced driving techniques they could use in difficult or unusual driving situations. The focus was on understanding their own skill levels in vehicle handling.


Recognizing and Averting Danger

Above all, the EASY employees learned to recognize dangers early on, avoid them whenever possible through proactive, adaptive driving, and to use knowledge and vehicle control to handle difficult situations. If you thought the workshop would be all about boring theory and passive instruction, you’d be wrong. Hands-on experience in real-life conditions provided outstanding learning gains to participants. Besides water obstacles and a large number of curves, the course also included dynamic plates that caused the rear of the driver’s vehicle to swerve suddenly. The result was an exciting, informative day for everyone. “Safety technology in your car can do a lot of things, but at the end of the day, making sure drivers react correctly is still key.”