The Evolution of Archiving: The Archive for a New Age

The tried and true EASY archive gets a facelift: an initial version will be available at EASY WORLD 2016 – that much we know. But what will it offer? How will EASY use it to meet the challenges posed by the future of archiving solutions?

In this newsletter and the next, we’ll be introducing you to the topics we’re addressing with the EASY Archive smart. Our focus today: the topic of integration.


Paradigm: Simplicity

This is the impetus behind all the changes we’re making at EASY. It’s a principle that affects almost every area of our software, but in particular installation and configuration, the ability to integrate our solutions into other applications and the cloud, operation, and support.

We’re removing unneeded functions. Modules that not every user needs will only be installed upon request. EASY wants our software to travel light, ensuring simple, quick installations – while still providing an XXL version to users who need it.


Better Integration Through Web Services

One of the first functions we plan to have available is a configuration web service. This will allow the EASY Archive to be fully or partially configured from other applications. In the future, this will make it possible to fully integrate the solution into the ECM Suite Client – eliminating separate administration clients. OEM partners can embed EASY Archive into their applications in a transparent manner. At the same time, however, we’re also changing the way configuration works. Instead of setting up a scenario using a large number of technical parameters, in the future the scenario will be in the foreground – the technical parameters can then be derived and configured automatically.


A Vision of the Future: In Focus

We’re also building EASY Archive as an archiving service for our upcoming Spirit project. With this solution, we’re taking a major step towards providing a service-oriented overall architecture – a major step towards the future. Flexible scaling, the highest possible level of reliability, and good performance are, of course, key elements in our future cloud solutions. That’s why we’ve considered these challenges right from the start in conceptualizing Archive Smart. The advantages this brings will benefit all types of EASY Archive installation and utilization.