Release 16.1: New EASY ECM Suite Available Now

Nope, it’s not the Easter bunny – EASY SOFTWARE AG is celebrating the spring season by adding the new EASY ECM Suite version 16.1 to your Easter basket.

Just as in previous releases, we’ve integrated the newest and most up-to-date versions of our solutions into EASY ECM Suite 16.1 and linked these to the EASY setup. We’ll focus on two products in particular here.

Now, EASY Capture Plus 5.0 has found its way into the EASY ECM Suite. EASY Capture Plus is the standard solution from EASY for capturing and extracting records and documents. The solution provides a single program for transparent capturing across all kinds of sources, with excellent connectivity to the EASY ECM Suite and all the solutions it includes.

With EASY Capture Plus, we’re providing you a tool you can use to easily integrate automatic recognition into your operational processes. Besides capturing paper documents, it’s also possible to easily capture and process electronic documents with EASY Capture Plus. EASY Capture Plus offers comprehensive options for taking documents directly from Microsoft Office, your file system, or an e-mail system, and transmits documents reliably to other EASY solutions like DMS, Archive, Workflow, or another processing application.

In the EASY Capture Plus 5.0 version, we updated proven functions extensively. Now, a 64-bit architecture version is also available in parallel to the familiar 32-bit architecture version. The new architecture adds a significant boost of performance in processing, especially in server processes. Now, thanks to the much larger available memory space, when you install the 64-bit version on your server you can process even very large documents efficiently.

The newly designed interface of the EASY Capture Center is especially striking. It now offers even simpler operations with a display optimized to work on almost any device. A large number of other improvements and new features were added to the recognition engines, internal operating and administration mechanisms, and the optimized link to EASY Interface (EBIS). In this release, EASY Capture 5.0 was also integrated into the EASY Show Case.

Our second highlight is EASY Discovery, recently added to the EASY ECM Suite. EASY Discovery is the solution for handling information in an intelligent, simple way. EASY Discovery continuously researches in the background, looking for context-relevant content, while employees go about their normal work. They can display results found anytime with just a click. Users don’t need to formulate search requests or leave their current work application. Of course, individual authorizations are always monitored to govern access to information.

The result is that employees have more access to information, leading to a better focus on customers and an increase in employee motivation and satisfaction. The quality of information acquisition improves, as does productivity and work efficiency in information-heavy processes. Perhaps most importantly, the solution ensures an increase in reliability and quality in employee decision-making.

You can find all the details on the EASY ECM Suite 16.1 in the attached documents and on the EASY Extranet.