CeBIT Revisited or “To Err Is Human”

As we all know, the devil is in the details. This particularly applies to the notoriously jumbled letters or digits. There are supposed to have been individuals who have been surprised with seven-digit amounts showing on their bank statements from one day to the next – though only until the bank noticed the accounting error (aka “slipped decimal points”).

Sometimes such jumbles are even premeditated. Recently a local newspaper carried such a story. Maybe you’ve read it yourself: It was about thieves who stole a letter each from the shopfront names of two adjoining shops, a baker’s and a butcher’s. The proprietors’ actual names were Treat and Sprick. Guess which two letters went missing? Now, really…

That is to say that jumbled letters do occur and, well, we at the EASY editorial office have also involuntarily fallen victim to these in the past… that’s why we were only briefly pondering over the meaning of the abbreviation “EMC” on the labels in Hall 3 at CeBIT 2016:

Eastbourne Motoring Centre?

Electric Membership Corporation?

Electro Magnetic Compatibility?

Easy Media Creator?

Well, we’re not sure but we guess that  the magic of jumbled letters has struck again here – smirking allowed because, as we all know, to err is human, and this also applies to Enterprise Content Management.