CeBIT 2016: First visit to the world of digitization

There’s always a first time – that’s what my colleague Patrick Schaber and I, both of us student trainees at EASY, thought as we were departing for CeBIT 2016. Because we must admit in all honesty that this was our first visit to the world’s largest tradeshow for information technology. The tradeshow organizers’ motto this year was “Digital Transformation” – and this reverberated through the multitude of halls.


Thimble-riggers and dancing robots

In addition to the size of the CeBIT premises, it was the variety of small and large, unobtrusive and grandiose tradeshow booths of the exhibitors which made their impression on us. And it was not only the tradeshow booths which were highly entertaining, but also the displays shown: From thimble-riggers, live demonstrations and a side trip to virtual reality through to dancing robots drawing immediate attention – CeBIT 2016 offered a wealth of discoveries. In various ways the exhibitors were trying to draw attention to the topic of Digital Transformation. It was above all a specific race in Hall 16 that captivated visitors.  Where a few years ago remote-controlled cars were running their laps, drones were now circling through the hall during the tradeshow days. We cannot preclude the idea that, given the development pace of digitization, these will in the future creep into our everyday lives.


The immediate effects of digitization in Hall 3

Covering the topic of ECM, tradeshow Hall 3 was of particular interest to us. It could literally be felt here: ongoing development of digitizing business processes is dynamic. Enterprises digitize, for example, their personnel departments or logistics – that’s nothing new at first glimpse. However, outsourcing data to a cloud is playing an increasing role here. The corresponding cloud structure should be safe, but also easy-to-use, and meet usability needs.

Our conclusion: CeBIT offered lots of exciting topics and impressions. That’s why we’re sure that this will not be our last visit to CeBIT.  Yes, we repeat: We’ll definitely be back again!