Digitalization: The economy has room to grow

The automotive industry is leading the way, but the tourism segment seems to have fallen asleep at the wheel when it comes to digitalization. Well, that might be a little too provocative, but the basic idea matches up with current findings by Arthur D. Little. Here’s a good example of one typical statistic: only two of 103 companies are already “digitally centred,” according to analysts.


“Digital Transformation – How to Become Digital Leader” is the title of the study, in which the corporate consulting firm determined the “Digital Transformation Index” for international groups. A few of the more than 100 corporate groups are even located in Germany.


Heterogeneous overall picture

At first glance, the results are shocking. Only two companies achieved 7.5 index points on a scale from 1 to 10. In times in which it seems everyone’s talking about digitalization, many international players achieve only a barely average index of 3.92.


Looking at individual industries, the automotive sector seems well underway with around 5 points. Media and telecommunications have acceptable results of 4.2 and 4.1 points. The worst digitalization results are, on the other hand, from segments like travel and transport. They barely make it to the finish line with 3.5 points.


Still room for development

No need to be sceptical, however. Quite the contrary: companies working through complex transformation processes have to keep their eye on the potentials. There’s definitely room to move up – just because results are bad now, that doesn’t mean companies aren’t doing anything or aren’t investing.


Ultimately, the investigation told us that the next three years were going to represent a focal point in efforts towards digitalization and automation. Companies can choose from a wide variety of solutions for this purpose. Knowledge on digital process design is also available on the market. The goal now for the IT industry is to utilize opportunities and make the advantages of digitalization clear. The next index is sure to look better.