EASY TechTalk 2016: Extraction solutions of the future

The topic of extraction solutions of the future was on the agenda as part of another “world café” event at the first EASY TechTalk 2016 conference. In four iterations, among experienced DMS colleagues, we ventured a glimpse into the future of document capture. Our discussion of the necessity and usefulness of paper was quite controversial.


Processes as an anachronism

In an age where individuals can perform nearly all of their business transactions from their own cellphone the processes that we experience in enterprises seem almost anachronistic.

Paper is still a permanent part of office life: We perform our own business transactions completely in an IT system, yet once they leave or enter our own enterprise in the form of content or results, we print them out and scan them in. Our longing for and the necessity of finally doing without those awkward media breaks have already been with us for some time.


Intriguing questions

The basis of this quite controversial discussion was the question of whether optimizing current techniques will be sufficient in the years to come. Alternatively, the question arises on whether you will have to arrive at completely different concepts of exchanging information, and this is what documents really are, at a specific quality to achieve necessary efficiency increases or just to keep your own company’s competitive edge.


The steam engine of information processing…

The result was the insight that giving a mail coach a sleeker form, harnessing faster horses, or designing the wheels somewhat more elegantly will probably not be enough. It will probably come to replacing the mail coach with another transportation vehicle anytime soon. Many technologies have been available for a long time and are sophisticated; new ideas are constantly implemented in powerful technology. The steam engine of information processing has already been invented. It now seems the time has come to mount its wheels and put it onto tracks in order to replace the mail coach also in the areas of process interaction in and among enterprises.


Seeking innovative concepts

The experts present reflect that the paper scanner is frequently still the last resort in projects on extraction topics. Avoiding media breaks, using mobile technologies, consistently forgoing paper and using powerful extraction solutions are becoming ever more important. Innovative concepts can already accomplish a lot, in accordance with legal provisions as well as security expectations of customers, and a corresponding good implementation.


On the verge of a technological revolution?

Looking beyond the here and now it became apparent that expectations of legislation in providing space to effective processes also through up-to-date rules and laws are high. Insecurity due to complex rules in laws and provisions is an important cause for insufficient implementations that are actually possible. Technologically, a revolution particularly in automatic interpretation of content will be expected in the years ahead. For instance, we’ll have to assume that software for recognizing content and allocating it to enterprise processes will take a giant leap forward which will make painstaking work significantly easier in many places.


The cloud will be indispensable

Moreover, we can expect that the cloud will be indispensable to these technologies simply to make them usable. The discourse here revealed that midsize business customers are increasingly using these services more frequently – and this dependent on the service offer, the respective capabilities and, above all, on the measure of trust in the provider.