TechTalk 2016: EASY ECM Suite “World Café”, Part 2

In my first blog on TechTalk 2016 I described initial insights into the “World Café”. Today I’ll tell you about the result of the “World Café” on the EASY ECM Suite. What do our partners want from the next software versions?


The main messages were divided into primary categories:

  • Configuration
  • Support
  • Documentation / Training
  • Licensing
  • Other special topics

Andreas Schneider and I summarized the most important items, presenting them to the audience in 15 minutes.



The Configuration topic is on the minds of many of the consultants and project planners present. A central administration interface for all products that the EASY ECM Suite contains were named the most here. Ideally, this meta-administration should not be oriented toward products but toward scenarios, e.g. file, invoice processing, contract management, HR, etc.



Here we talked a lot about a “Support button”. It’s about a simple capability to gather all necessary information of the overall system, to process it and to transmit it already proactively to EASY Support. The state of the overall system will be visualized with a Health Check function in a dashboard. All necessary information will be gathered via agents and processed using central rules in order to generate identical information availability for each installation.




In the area of documentation and training our discussion revolved around online documentation of the EASY ECM Suite. Many among the audience thought putting documentation online to be right step. However, access by the customer to the data must be ensured and, optionally, a simple export/offline function must be available.

Documentation should be enriched with Best Practices and How-tos, so that experience can be shared by all partners and EASY. However, these best practices will not only be stored on the EASY extranet, but will also be exercised in Online Webinars and presence training courses.



Many partners want a better and standardized license overview of all products. A license portal for requesting licenses, license content and activation should be deployed.


Special topics

Given the variety of different partners, there were of course many different requirements. Fault-tolerant bulk data import is of relevance to many production volume projects. Moreover, more transparent representation of the performance values when searching and for import was addressed. Many partners also want a simpler cluster configuration for cloud scenarios.


And the next step …

As part of the “World Café” we have included many of the requirements, intensely discussed many topics, and discussed the strategy taken on by EASY. The next step involves my task as the product owner of the EASY ECM Suite to process the information for the development teams and to prioritize the contents for the next sprints / release versions.