EASY TECHTALK 2016: Straight talk in black and white

EASY SOFTWARE AG was proud to welcome well over 100 guests to the inaugural EASY TECHTALK 2016 in Mülheim. The World Café format celebrated its premiere at the event. Participants recorded the results of their roundtable discussions on the long tablecloths, actually writing them out in black and white with thick pens. It was an interesting format, and very well received by guests.


Talking turkey on the agenda

Refreshing dialogs and clear requirements for products and services: all the participants in the World Café were really talking turkey. Discussion was highly constructive. All in all, guests reacted very positively to EASY, telling us that they really enjoyed the dynamic discussion. The topics included: support for the future, strategies for EASY ECM Suite, data capturing solutions of the future, and easily migrating to a modern archiving solution.


A wealth of information

Good discussions in the impressive atmosphere of the “Caruso,” EASY’s favourite location in the city hall in Mülheim an der Ruhr, rounded off the first evening and got everyone excited for day two.

The second day of the event presented a true depth of information. Topics ranged from key information on EASY for Exchange, Capture Plus, the generic file, or the new EASY Discovery. There were exclusive insights and extensive information for the technical side of our partner landscape. EASY project Spirit was an in-demand topic, of course, as were agile development and our concept Partnerport 2.0. By the end of the event, everyone was in agreement: it was a highly successful addition to our established series of digitally-focused EASY functions.