EASY Solutions GmbH appeals against verdict

Ad hoc Announcement of EASY SOFTWARE AG according to section 15 of the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG)

WKN: 563400

ISIN: DE0005634000


Mülheim an der Ruhr/Germany, March 31, 2016

EASY Solutions GmbH, former Supervisory Board chairman Manfred A. Wagner and former Management Board member Josef Gemeri have appealed against the verdict of District Court Duisburg of February 11, 2016.

District Court Duisburg had sentenced EASY Solutions GmbH, Manfred A. Wagner and Josef Gemeri – jointly and severally liable –  to pay damages amounting to EUR 400,000.00 plus interest to EASY SOFTWARE AG due to granting guarantees by EASY SOFTWARE AG to secure liabilities of EASY Solutions GmbH and due to the settlement of liabilities by EASY SOFTWARE AG in favour of EASY Solutions GmbH. Moreover, EASY Solutions GmbH and Manfred A. Wagner were sentenced – jointly and severally liable – to pay further damages in the amount of EUR 83,440.33 plus interest to EASY SOFTWARE AG. In addition, District Court Duisburg decided that Manfred A. Wagner and Josef Gemeri are obliged, jointly and severally liable, to compensate all further damages of EASY SOFTWARE AG that has arisen or will arise from the above case amounting to a front ranking  liability of EUR 400,000.00 and that Manfred A. Wagner is obliged to compensate all further damages of EASY SOFTWARE AG that has arisen or will arise from the above case exceeding a liability amount of EUR 400,000.00.



The Management Board

The Evolution of Archiving: The Archive for a New Age

The tried and true EASY archive gets a facelift: an initial version will be available at EASY WORLD 2016 – that much we know. But what will it offer? How will EASY use it to meet the challenges posed by the future of archiving solutions?

In this newsletter and the next, we’ll be introducing you to the topics we’re addressing with the EASY Archive smart. Our focus today: the topic of integration.


Paradigm: Simplicity

This is the impetus behind all the changes we’re making at EASY. It’s a principle that affects almost every area of our software, but in particular installation and configuration, the ability to integrate our solutions into other applications and the cloud, operation, and support.

We’re removing unneeded functions. Modules that not every user needs will only be installed upon request. EASY wants our software to travel light, ensuring simple, quick installations – while still providing an XXL version to users who need it.


Better Integration Through Web Services

One of the first functions we plan to have available is a configuration web service. This will allow the EASY Archive to be fully or partially configured from other applications. In the future, this will make it possible to fully integrate the solution into the ECM Suite Client – eliminating separate administration clients. OEM partners can embed EASY Archive into their applications in a transparent manner. At the same time, however, we’re also changing the way configuration works. Instead of setting up a scenario using a large number of technical parameters, in the future the scenario will be in the foreground – the technical parameters can then be derived and configured automatically.


A Vision of the Future: In Focus

We’re also building EASY Archive as an archiving service for our upcoming Spirit project. With this solution, we’re taking a major step towards providing a service-oriented overall architecture – a major step towards the future. Flexible scaling, the highest possible level of reliability, and good performance are, of course, key elements in our future cloud solutions. That’s why we’ve considered these challenges right from the start in conceptualizing Archive Smart. The advantages this brings will benefit all types of EASY Archive installation and utilization.

Release 16.1: New EASY ECM Suite Available Now

Nope, it’s not the Easter bunny – EASY SOFTWARE AG is celebrating the spring season by adding the new EASY ECM Suite version 16.1 to your Easter basket.

Just as in previous releases, we’ve integrated the newest and most up-to-date versions of our solutions into EASY ECM Suite 16.1 and linked these to the EASY setup. We’ll focus on two products in particular here.

Now, EASY Capture Plus 5.0 has found its way into the EASY ECM Suite. EASY Capture Plus is the standard solution from EASY for capturing and extracting records and documents. The solution provides a single program for transparent capturing across all kinds of sources, with excellent connectivity to the EASY ECM Suite and all the solutions it includes.

With EASY Capture Plus, we’re providing you a tool you can use to easily integrate automatic recognition into your operational processes. Besides capturing paper documents, it’s also possible to easily capture and process electronic documents with EASY Capture Plus. EASY Capture Plus offers comprehensive options for taking documents directly from Microsoft Office, your file system, or an e-mail system, and transmits documents reliably to other EASY solutions like DMS, Archive, Workflow, or another processing application.

In the EASY Capture Plus 5.0 version, we updated proven functions extensively. Now, a 64-bit architecture version is also available in parallel to the familiar 32-bit architecture version. The new architecture adds a significant boost of performance in processing, especially in server processes. Now, thanks to the much larger available memory space, when you install the 64-bit version on your server you can process even very large documents efficiently.

The newly designed interface of the EASY Capture Center is especially striking. It now offers even simpler operations with a display optimized to work on almost any device. A large number of other improvements and new features were added to the recognition engines, internal operating and administration mechanisms, and the optimized link to EASY Interface (EBIS). In this release, EASY Capture 5.0 was also integrated into the EASY Show Case.

Our second highlight is EASY Discovery, recently added to the EASY ECM Suite. EASY Discovery is the solution for handling information in an intelligent, simple way. EASY Discovery continuously researches in the background, looking for context-relevant content, while employees go about their normal work. They can display results found anytime with just a click. Users don’t need to formulate search requests or leave their current work application. Of course, individual authorizations are always monitored to govern access to information.

The result is that employees have more access to information, leading to a better focus on customers and an increase in employee motivation and satisfaction. The quality of information acquisition improves, as does productivity and work efficiency in information-heavy processes. Perhaps most importantly, the solution ensures an increase in reliability and quality in employee decision-making.

You can find all the details on the EASY ECM Suite 16.1 in the attached documents and on the EASY Extranet.

CeBIT 2016: Digitization in Focus

EASY presented once again at this year’s CeBIT in BITKOM ECM Solutions Park in Hall 3. At the five-day trade fair, topics related to cloud solutions, Industry 4.0, and the Internet of Things were in the foreground. With its motto “d!conomy: join – create – succeed,” CeBIT 2016 focused on the question of how companies can best make use of the opportunities provided by digitization.


Proven Concept

CeBIT 2016 was a huge success for EASY SOFTWARE AG. EASY’s first visit to BITKOM ECM Solutions Park was last year, and this year we decided to continue the tradition.

EASY actively presented itself in multiple professional events: CEO Willy Cremers took part in the so-called heavyweight round at Bitkom on the second day of the fair. In it, representatives from leading ECM manufacturers discussed current trends in digitization, focusing on the topic: “The Future of the ECM.”


All About ECMs and Optimized Processes

EASY entered the ring with an SAP solution last year. Marcus Kirchner, EASY Sales Manager, introduced the available options and the usefulness of an SAP-based contract management solution using SAP Fiori. In his lecture, he presented modern interfaces in SAP that make it easier for users to operate the solution on all current devices. The solution EASY nextPCM Contract Management supports the new interfaces and also fulfils the requirement of ensuring legally sound contracts, representing major potential savings in the SAP environment and allowing companies to avoid risk.

EASY legal specialist Rainer Berndt introduced audience members to the basic legal concepts involved in digitization during his presentation at CeBIT. Besides this presentation, Rainer Berndt also took part in the BITKOM panel discussion on the topic of “Legal Aspects of E-mail Management.” Other representatives of the ECM industry joined him on the panel to discuss current challenges in e-mail management and introduce potential solution approaches.

EASY also added our expertise on another major topic at CeBIT – cloud computing. Andrea Schmigalla shared her knowledge and experience on the topic “ECM in the Cloud” in another panel discussion, showing the potential of such software for professional divisions in a cloud environment. Additionally, Fred Klukas introduced the application of a digital personnel management system for companies, presenting the benefits of a solution like EASY HR for a “modern HR department.”


Positive Outcome

Of course, we also brought along lots of new features and options for our solutions this year as well. Our new solution video on the digital personnel management solution EASY HR was also received especially well.

Overall, EASY got positive results at CeBIT 2016; we’ll remember the many great professional discussions we had for a long time to come.

The German trade fair, as well, enjoyed a positive outcome. A total of more than 200,000 visitors attended CeBIT 2016 to learn about current trends and topics in the IT industry.

(Images: Bitkom & EASY SOFTWARE AG)

EASY Contract 3.0: Manage Contracts Quickly, Efficiently, and Reliably

It’s how to handle modern contract management: the new 3.0 version of our successful, proven solution EASY Contract now allows companies to work even more quickly, efficiently, and reliably.


What is EASY Contract?

EASY Contract is the modern, web-based system for central contract management and processing. Whether we’re working in purchasing, IT, or the HR department – every day, we deal with a wide range of different types of contract in our companies, such as employment, rental, maintenance, and leasing contracts. Easy Contract ensures all of these documents, information, and other attachments are quick and easy for all participants to find. This allows our solution to ensure everyone is kept up to date and information is distributed in a unified manner.

Contract management with EASY Contract supports the complete “life cycle” of a contract: contract creation, recording, monitoring, and controlling. With EASY Contract, you can easily manage even complex approval workflows with version and template management. EASY Contract also offers an overview of all closed contracts, as well as electronic support in creating new contracts.


What’s New in Version 3.0?

EASY Contract 3.0 is based on the current EASY Client, and includes all of its advantages. Additionally, EASY Contract 3.0 offers a new, ergonomic user interface that entails optimized operability. EASY has also added new developments to key functions and provided some new features as well.


Optimized Deadline Management

For instance, version 3.0 offers more highly-developed deadline management: Now, deadlines aren’t just restricted to contracts. They can be attached to any object, as can information on contract partners or series of payments. This means users can also set reminders for events that don’t relate directly to the contracts. For instance, they can set deadlines for when a supplier self-assessment needs to be renewed, when a certificate is expiring, or when the financial department needs to review an incoming payment.


Reporting: Export at the Touch of a Button

Ad-hoc reports on individual contracts provide a quick overview of the financial aspects of a contract, even with pre-defined filters. In EASY Contract 3.0, you can now also export these reports as an Excel file or a PDF with the touch of a button.

EASY has added new diagrams to financial reports. The new technological basis (chart.js) offers both an improved look and the option of using your mouse to interactively call up individual figures in the diagram area. All you have to do is position your mouse in the area. Besides the familiar Excel export feature, you can now also print out financial reports as PDFs.


Dynamic Tab for Framework Agreements

EASY Contract 3.0 structures contracts hierarchically. You can define contracts as framework agreements. If you do, the software will dynamically insert a new tab that lists all sub-contracts allocated to a framework agreement and displays dependencies so they are easy to recognize at a glance.


Intercompany Agreements

In the new Version 3.0 of EASY Contract, you can now select additional internal contractual partners besides the contracting company. Intercompany contracts concluded in this manner are visible on all participating companies – the system also takes them into account in evaluations for all participants.


Various Adaptations Possible

Many new so-called callbacks make customized adaptations easier. Project-specific functionality and JavaScript developments allow you to expand the scope of functions. New callbacks offer diverse adaptation options, and you can make highly detailed changes to the behaviour of the application to match customer needs without lowering the product standard. You can also update the system at any time – even for complex modifications.


Visualization of Key Contract Events

Our solution presents key contract events as “speech bubbles” beside the contract, sorting them chronologically. It documents when you upload or delete a document, grant an extension, terminate an agreement, or change the contract status, then presents this information in a clear way. This means the most important milestones in the life cycle of the contract are available at a glance; the contract history is made visible to all users in a quick and transparent manner.



An expanded function now also allows you to capture semi-annual and other cancellations.


HTML Contract Overview

An HTML contract overview displays all key information at a glance. Who are my (internal and external) contractual partners? When was the contract signed? What costs will there be? When can the contract be terminated, and when would this termination come into effect? The HTML overview presents all of the most important information on a central page. There is no need to gather information from other tabs or files. You can also click on all elements in the overview with your mouse. This means users can jump directly to a payment, a contractual partner, or a framework agreement. The information page can be exported as a PDF and printed out.


Optional Document Tree

Users also have the option of displaying contractual documents in a structured document tree. This makes it easier to work with contracts that have multiple attached files. The multi-level, sorted hierarchy makes it easier to find individual documents and to navigate between various files.


Personalized Dashboard

After starting the application, you can display a personalized “dashboard.” Here, you’ll find lists and diagrams with key information on the contracts: graphic assessments make controlling easy. Sorted and filtered lists of contracts show at a glance which agreements are expiring soon, which ones need to be extended, and which deadlines are coming up.


Audit-Proof E-Mail Integration

A central area automatically processes e-mails, which users can store there using drag and drop. All they have to do is allocate these e-mails to a contract. The system breaks the e-mails down into various components such as “subject,” “content,” “send date,” or “recipient,” then stores this information in searchable fields. The software adds e-mail attachments as documents, and saves the original e-mail file itself for audit-proof storage.


Improved Client Structure

Users can modify client structures more easily. Version 3.0 makes it significantly easier to delete and move clients and their associated contracts. You can now select the format for your numbering, and even enter any desired values for this purpose. It’s also possible to eliminate numbering if needed.

Updates for EASY for Dynamics NAV and EASY for Dynamics AX

EASY for Dynamics NAV and EASY for Dynamics AX expands Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX by adding functions for document management and audit-proof storage.

The EASY solution, which was released in December, 2015 for NAV 2016, also support all current NAV versions 2016, 2015, and 2013 as well. On March 16th, 2016, we will now be releasing a series of cumulative updates:

  • EASY for Dynamics NAV 2016 Cumulative Update 1
  • EASY for Dynamics NAV 2015 Cumulative Update 2
  • EASY for Dynamics NAV 2013 Cumulative Update 2

For current released product versions EASY for Dynamics AX 1.3.2 (for AX 2009 HFRU8) and EASY for Dynamics AX 2.1.2 (for AX 2012 R2 CU7 and R3 CU9), EASY SOFTWARE AG will be providing the following cumulative updates on March 23rd, 2016:

  • EASY for Dynamics AX 1.3.2. Cumulative Update 3
  • EASY for Dynamics AX 2.1.2 Cumulative Update 2

Please see the change documentation in the product deliveries or associated information pages on the extranet for detailed content on the updates. The versions of EASY for Dynamics NAV and EASY for Dynamics AX mentioned above are available for download on the extranet to all certified EASY partners.


What’s New?

The Updates for EASY for Dynamics NAV provide helpful new features. Archiving now also includes report options and comments. Additionally, e-mail attachments can be archived easily using drag and drop.

EASY for Dynamics NAV CU1 allows NAV 2016 to integrate the interface function in Code units 80 and 90 through Events. This means no more programming is required in certain environments to start operating with the interfaces in purchasing and sales. Settings can be changed directly in the interface configuration.

The Updates for EASY for Dynamics AX repair a few problems found in the productive environment, and add new features such as simplified barcode capturing, indexing for AX system information, metadata from third party tables, and much more. You can also easily archive files and e-mails with the appropriate data set (creditor, debtor, article, contract, project, etc.) using drag and drop.

Updated Presentation Templates on the Extranet

Updated Powerpoint presentations are available on the extranet now for EASY for Dynamics NAV and EASY for Dynamics AX. The master templates also include updated use case videos, in which we present how to store e-mail attachments in NAV directly using drag & drop, as well as other functions.

CeBIT Revisited or “To Err Is Human”

As we all know, the devil is in the details. This particularly applies to the notoriously jumbled letters or digits. There are supposed to have been individuals who have been surprised with seven-digit amounts showing on their bank statements from one day to the next – though only until the bank noticed the accounting error (aka “slipped decimal points”).

Sometimes such jumbles are even premeditated. Recently a local newspaper carried such a story. Maybe you’ve read it yourself: It was about thieves who stole a letter each from the shopfront names of two adjoining shops, a baker’s and a butcher’s. The proprietors’ actual names were Treat and Sprick. Guess which two letters went missing? Now, really…

That is to say that jumbled letters do occur and, well, we at the EASY editorial office have also involuntarily fallen victim to these in the past… that’s why we were only briefly pondering over the meaning of the abbreviation “EMC” on the labels in Hall 3 at CeBIT 2016:

Eastbourne Motoring Centre?

Electric Membership Corporation?

Electro Magnetic Compatibility?

Easy Media Creator?

Well, we’re not sure but we guess that  the magic of jumbled letters has struck again here – smirking allowed because, as we all know, to err is human, and this also applies to Enterprise Content Management.

EASY on YouTube

Go by and take a look at our YouTube channel: On it, we provide you information on our EASY products and solutions in a personal and practical way. You’ll also get a glimpse into how to use EASY solutions based on examples and references.

We’ve recently added a solution video on EASY HR to our channel. In it, we explain in a clear way how you can use digital personnel management to make processes in your company quicker and more efficient.

And that’s just the start. We plan to keep expanding our YouTube channel in 2016. Feel free to stop by as often as you like – you might just be surprised at what you find.


EASY Webcast: Powerful Purchase Invoice processing for SAP

On 8th April at 11 am, as part of our series of EASY webcasts, we will be presenting EASY for SAP Invoice – a fully integrated, powerful purchase invoice processing tool for SAP.

Linking individual solutions to create integrated work processes – for example ordering and payment, or incoming orders and payments – is becoming increasingly important in the world of financial accounting. The predefined workflow scenarios from EASY for SAP Invoice support your employees with these and other work processes in financial accounting in an efficient and constructive way.

Register now to participate in the free EASY for SAP Invoice webcast by clicking >here<. Please note that this information is currently available only in German language.

Intrigued? Tomorrow we will be providing information about how you can use EASY Invoice to significantly reduce the amount of time needed to process purchase invoices, whilst also reducing the amount of routine error-prone data entry work for staff. This webcast will also start at 11 am. Click >here< to register. Please note that this information is currently available only in German language.

CeBIT 2016: First visit to the world of digitization

There’s always a first time – that’s what my colleague Patrick Schaber and I, both of us student trainees at EASY, thought as we were departing for CeBIT 2016. Because we must admit in all honesty that this was our first visit to the world’s largest tradeshow for information technology. The tradeshow organizers’ motto this year was “Digital Transformation” – and this reverberated through the multitude of halls.


Thimble-riggers and dancing robots

In addition to the size of the CeBIT premises, it was the variety of small and large, unobtrusive and grandiose tradeshow booths of the exhibitors which made their impression on us. And it was not only the tradeshow booths which were highly entertaining, but also the displays shown: From thimble-riggers, live demonstrations and a side trip to virtual reality through to dancing robots drawing immediate attention – CeBIT 2016 offered a wealth of discoveries. In various ways the exhibitors were trying to draw attention to the topic of Digital Transformation. It was above all a specific race in Hall 16 that captivated visitors.  Where a few years ago remote-controlled cars were running their laps, drones were now circling through the hall during the tradeshow days. We cannot preclude the idea that, given the development pace of digitization, these will in the future creep into our everyday lives.


The immediate effects of digitization in Hall 3

Covering the topic of ECM, tradeshow Hall 3 was of particular interest to us. It could literally be felt here: ongoing development of digitizing business processes is dynamic. Enterprises digitize, for example, their personnel departments or logistics – that’s nothing new at first glimpse. However, outsourcing data to a cloud is playing an increasing role here. The corresponding cloud structure should be safe, but also easy-to-use, and meet usability needs.

Our conclusion: CeBIT offered lots of exciting topics and impressions. That’s why we’re sure that this will not be our last visit to CeBIT.  Yes, we repeat: We’ll definitely be back again!