All lights on green – EASY Microsoft Solutions positioned shipshape for the future

On February 17th and 18th the first EASY TECH TALK in 2016 took place in the elegant interior of the Stadthalle in Mülheim. Other than EASY WORLD, which is the annual Get-together for everybody who is to any extent involved into the world of EASY (e.g. partner executives, customer decision-makers and so on) the TECH TALK is a format especially targeted at EASY consultants, who gather in Mülheim twice a year seeking knowledge about the latest product releases and the technical roadmap of things to come.

On day two I had the honor to give my state-of-the-union speech and present the current status of my spawn, the EASY Microsoft Solutions. And a state that is – all current EASY Microsoft solutions had major releases within in the last two months and hence are in a very up-to-date shape, both regarding the technical platforms the products currently run on and are tested for and on the other hand also regarding their respective feature sets. They widely leverage the latest and greatest capabilities the base Microsoft products we integrate into provide, and also pay due respect to important change requests which are constantly signaled from the “front”, i.e. our EASY consulting and support colleagues and of course our partners and customers.

The full story is covered in the presentation which is available for download by now, but let me just pick out one or two main points of each EASY Microsoft Solutions portfolio member:

EASY for Dynamics NAV –available for Dynamics NAV 2016 according to our statement of direction only three months after general availability of the base product Dynamics NAV 2016, presentable in a NAV-enabled ESP-Demo VM (you know about the ESP-Demo, do you ?).

EASY for Dynamics AX – the drop zone has arrived in the product, enabling faster and more convenient adding of archived attachments to AX records. Feedback from large projects greatly improved the volume handling of documents. And the whole interface now runs in AX 2009, AX 2012 R2 and R3, covering around 90% of the installed AX customer base in DACH.

EASY for Exchange – more than 350 improvements have found their way into the latest release E4E 1.1, making it a great product again. We support Exchange and Outlook 2016, have included the support for all versions of Outlook Web Access and deliver a mobile server to allow road warriors to access their archived and reference e-mails on their smartphone.

EASY for SharePoint – some call it my pet product, but I just love SharePoint and every solution that supports and enhances it, just like the latest Release 5.1 of EASY for SharePoint does! EASY archives  are now fully searchable in the global SharePoint Search (via OData/BCS), EASY archives are presentable as document libraries and custom lists (BCS web parts) and we use standard icons for documents archived and referenced in SharePoint, what may seem like a small feature, but greatly improves adoptability and usability. The user can view and edit every document in SharePoint by a single click, regardless if it is still residing in the SharePoint database or if it is archived and referenced (and so taking load of the SharePoint content database). The product fully supports SharePoint Online from the Microsoft Office 365 plans, which enables customers to gain processual and regulatory compliance, leaving the immutable storage and versioning of documents and information to EASY as a specialized provider of revision-proof, long-term archive storage, while still being able to thoroughly utilize and work with tax-relevant documents and business-critical information on the Share-Point platform (on premise und online). Does my enthusiasm for the product shine through? You bet.

EASY for Dynamics AX Invoice – the only product whose latest release, Invoice Option Level 3, is still due, but will be fulfilled by the 31st of March 2016. Level 3 will allow for much more complex approval scenarios as it allows splitting of item lines in the workflow and assigning cost centers plus five other dimensions to each item line. All changes to the invoice header and lines throughout the approval workflow are instantly transferred to the EASY AX Invoice ledger, enabling AP people to monitor the approval status of each invoice in real time and taking action, if this is required by the current state of the invoice approval workflow. The default approval workflow template is now initially two-staged, still allowing the customer to change this and leverage the power of the Nintex engine by e.g. starting as many custom workflows directly from AX as the business process requires.

So much today about my protégés, to get the whole picture I recommend you review the presentation of my slot, and contact me in case a live demo is of interest. As all attendees of my session know by now, I can always do a live demo for you, as long as the WLAN doesn’t let me down – but hey, that’s Murphy on the loose…