TechTalk 2016: EASY ECM Suite “World Café”

The first EASY TECH TALK 2016 conference took place on February 17 through 18, 2016 at Stadthalle (guildhall) Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany. Day One of the conference focused on exchange of information between EASY and its partners. A “world café” was the selected format for this purpose. Day Two was full of presentations on all topics of current interest.



Four presentations, each 20 minutes long, enabled Andreas Schneider and me to engage in intensive exchange of information on the strategy of the EASY ECM Suite with our 70 technically minded guests.

We talked about previous implementation of the EASY ECM Suite since EASY WORLD 2014, as well as about where we will be heading with our release version 16.1. We also had an intensive discussion about why EASY selected “one function, one solution” and what effects this will have on partner strategies and upcoming customer projects.



After the first two software versions, we also wanted to define our position as to whether we are on the right track with our EASY ECM Suite: The question of what other requirements consultants have for the next versions also arose. In particular, simplifications for EASY Archive Smart from project planning are very important to developing the product. We presented once again the most important insights of the World Café to all participants. Now all collected requirements will be evaluated and prepared for the agile development process.


 A number of advantages

The “world cafés” as the basis for exchanging information with our business partners provides a number of advantages. I think that in this way we can accommodate the requirements and results very fast and transparently into the next few sprints, and implement them.

Many thanks to all participants for such excellent conversations, exchange of information and their impetus for the EASY ECM Suite!