ECM Partner Kick-off Schleupen: EASY Makes a Strong Showing!

Clear messages, powerful presence – a great summary of EASY SOFTWARE AG’s showing at this year’s ECM Partner Kick Off for Schleupen AG on January 29th and 29th in Düsseldorf. After a warm greeting by Gregor Fies, Director of Schleupen AG, Willy Cremers, Managing Director of EASY SOFTWARE AG provided the more than 70 participants some insight into the types of topics that will play a role in upcoming product portfolio developments from the software manufacturer.


“What moves us – and what moves you forward”

Under the title “What moves us – and moves you forward,” Cremers outlined the EASY SOFTWARE AG’s strong position in the partner environment, displayed current and upcoming trends in the digital workplace, and indicated how EASY plans to respond to them. Mobility, digitization, automation, and mobile cloud solutions are some of the major factors in the success of a company. That’s why they were included in the EASY ECM Suite as well. “Our tasks is creating systems that answer these trends,” said Cremers. Furthermore, the Easy Director announced the establishment of a service desk with quicker reaction times and the introduction of a Partner Port 2.0.


EASY HR 3.0 for today’s digital personnel management

Gerald Rüdiger, Head of Sales, Marketing & Corporate Development at EASY SOFTWARE AG also had some news for participants. He used the new personnel management software EASY HR 3.0 as an example to demonstrate how EASY is perceiving the demands of the market and implementing market needs in its solutions in a smart, forward-looking manner. EASY HR 3.0 delivers everything today’s digital personnel management requires, thereby opening up excellent new opportunities – especially when attracting new customers.


Developing partners

During the event, Schleupen AG presented its new course of action for partner management in 2016. Their focus will be on increasing partner development and intensifying and optimizing collaboration with EASY SOFTWARE AG, the leading software manufacturer for ECM products and solutions in Germany.


Successful together

“We believe that EASY SOFTWARE AG is on the right path, even during this ongoing phase of radical change and reorientation. In 2016, each company is going to be focused on working together to lay the groundwork for success for its partner,” said Dr Ekkehard Rosien, Managing Director of Schleupen AG.

Additionally, the event offered participants an opportunity to refresh their knowledge on technical and sales-related ECM topics: presentations on successful project planning were on the agenda, as were “best practice” examples and options for successfully implementing processes using EASY solutions.