Partner information 2016: Safely meet the future with EASY

For the second time, EASY SOFTWARE AG invited partners to join its partner information event – with an excellent response. More than 500 participants from over 40 partner businesses used this opportunity to obtain information about current and upcoming developments and solutions from the software manufacturer, optionally by personally coming to the HQ in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, or via live stream on the Internet. They perceived a strong EASY company, with a coherent product strategy and a clear message to its partners and the market:  EASY SOFTWARE is a modern company and prepared to meet the future.


Resorting and extending its products

At the beginning of the event, CEO Willy Cremers gave a review of 2015, another year of new departures for EASY:  “We were working not just intensely on our own structures but also resorted our products, intensively improving new, market-driven solutions.”

Following this, EASY presented its strategy, giving exclusive previews of the status of its current product portfolio. For example, our partners learned how EASY is

  • evolutionizing archiving
  • honing its EASY ECM Suite with a new release version
  • establishing Discovery
  • taking the application HR3 for personnel management into consideration, and
  • increasingly focusing on processes in SAP


Mobility at EASY

With a particularly keen interest, partners were looking at the novelties covering the topic of mobility at EASY. Project leader Marcel Rosenbaum presented initial mobile additions for the existing ECM Suite. They are used as the basis for later partner apps, facilitating faster integration of EASY Services through the Online Suite offering, such as Archive Service, OCR, or extraction.


For the benefit of both partners and customers

Partners and customers of EASY SOFTWARE AG will in future significantly benefit from the fact that EASY resorted its existing portfolio and is currently enriching it considerably. From this will result significantly greater agility, mobility, integrability, scalability, and flexibility over the entire product portfolio. Thus, a unique range of flexible and up-to-date tools is available to businesses intending to initially digitize or further digitize and automate their document-intensive business processes.