Cloud services: The courage to innovate pays off

When change is a fact of everyday life, courage can be your most valuable resource. The companies that innovate are the companies that trust their instincts and set out on the roads less travelled. These companies can only guess where such a journey may lead, and never know for sure.


Cloud services: New technologies must become established

Often, companies are bombarded from all sides by critiques when they strike out for new territory. That makes such decisions even more difficult. Before the end of last year, SAP had to swallow critiques over their decision to focus on Software as a Service (SaaS) and subscription plans, even if it meant less growth – and even if it did call up the bogeyman of forced subscriptions for some people. We covered the topic in this very same blog.


Solid assessment

Today, SAP is satisfied to look back on a positive trend – the cloud business was especially successful this last financial year. 75 percent growth, and 103 percent more “bookings” in the last quarter alone. They even significantly exceeded the predicted revenues of 2 billion euros – at the end of the day, the company was able to bring down 2.3 billion from its services out of the data cloud.


A realistic model…

SAP clearly proved one thing: they can make money with SaaS and on demand services. The main question is usually how to convince users of the advantages of the model, and where to tap into new customer groups. The system vendor seems to have succeeded on both counts.


…for EASY customers too

These are the types of questions EASY has been asking itself for quite some time. After all, we announced and implemented EASY services from the cloud last year. The head honchos in Mülheim are satisfied with the development of the product – and our first courageous customers are too.