Release 3.0: new version of EASY HR

It’s here: As of February 1st, 2016, the release of the long-awaited version 3.0 of the EASY HR solution is available. EASY HR is the comprehensive, flexible, and modular solution for the digital HR department. The solution supports essential core elements of modern HR processes, including digital personnel files, company files, job advertisement and applicant management, and qualification and seminar management.


Secure storage for sensitive data

EASY HR doesn’t just offer a secure, easy place to store sensitive documents, it also maps out work processes involving them in concert with other processes. This helps operations in the HR department become more transparent, more secure, and quicker as well. EASY HR provides impressive, user-friendly, and intuitive operation, secure access to information from anywhere, and simplified administration. Powerful deadline management, speedy full-text searches, and easy methods for recording information relieve HR employees from time-consuming routine tasks.


File planning that adapts to you

The “Digital Personnel File” module stores all information and documents on an employee in an easy to manage, organized way. This also allows companies to change the structure (file plan) at any time to meet their individual needs.

EASY HR offers a user-friendly, web-based platform for accessing all your documents, allowing you to use the solution from anywhere. HR administrators, managers, and staffers only see the data, documents, and processes meant for them based on their roles and authorizations.

Analyses are flexible, dynamic, and can be adapted to your individual requirements, making it easy to quickly get the information you need on your personnel files. An integrated checklist ensures that all required documents in the file are complete – a crucial tool in file management.


Employee qualification management included

Another feature of the digital personnel files is employee qualification management. The solution doesn’t just manage the individual skills of each worker, but also their associated certifications (licenses and certificates) and their completed trainings and continuing education courses. EASY HR also provides reliable reminders any time an employee needs to renew an expired certificate or qualification.

EASY HR provides a digital company file or digital client file for HR departments as an integral part of the “digital personnel file” module. This file stores all HR department information and documents not associated with any individual personnel file or any particular employee. This includes, for instance, ISO handbooks, job descriptions, bargaining agreements, directives, forms, reports, or guidelines.


Simplified recruiting processes

The “Job Advertisement and Applicant Management” module allows you manage and monitor more than just open or closed advertisements. You can use the solution to control the entire recruiting process, assign tasks to employees involved, and monitor them to ensure they are completed within a time frame you determine. EASY HR recognizes repeat applications immediately, allowing you to avoid them.

The solution independently matches received applications with the advertisement profile. Then it uses this information to generate an initial rough applicant ranking. This allows you to recognize applicants unsuited for the particular position early on without extensive initial reviews. Assigning one applicant to multiple advertisements provides the greatest possible flexibility.


HR 3.0 improves workforce planning

The “Qualification and Seminar Management” module lets managers or HR staffers get an overview of employee qualifications with the touch of a button. It also helps them recognize areas for potential staff development, and supports them in strategic workforce planning.

The solution helps the HR department organize continued training in a structured way. That means they can allocate employee positions and structure entire departments based on individual qualifications and requirements. If qualification targets and expected training sequences for each position have been entered in the integrated organization management in EASY HR, the module will display the relationship between target and actual values. It can also support personnel developers along these training sequences to prepare employees for alternative tasks or the next career steps in their company.

The solution module efficiently and clearly manages all information on upcoming qualification courses, including locations, instructors, resources, seminar providers (internal/external), seminars, seminar times or announcements (internal/external). It can also be used to manage event participants and track employees who were present or absent at a training session.


Quicker and more efficient

In addition to all of these modules, EASY HR offers flexible options for analysis that you can use to call up employees and information at the touch of a button, allowing HR managers to react to requirements in a targeted manner. EASY HR can lighten the load on your HR department in the long-term, noticeably increasing the efficiency of your entire company. It’s how HR departments run today.