Is the PC becoming obsolete?

Fewer and fewer laptops and desktop computers are finding their way to the checkout line – it’s a development that’s spurred on by more than just the private user’s bottom line. Companies, too, are buying fewer full-sized computers – instead, mobile devices rate higher than ever before.


Mobile devices are pushing out PCs

The sales of personal computers (PCs) were lower in 2015 than they ever have been. Of course, there were some tangible reasons for this, like the chance to switch to Windows 10 for free. That probably saved a few good old machines from the scrap heap. But according to experts, sales are going to drop even further in 2016 – even though the free period for the Windows update is about to expire.

The trend seems clear: more and more, smartphones and tablets are taking over the function of the PC, even in professional settings. The meteoric rise of mobile devices has clearly taken place in parallel to a drop in the importance of PCs.


Why? Mobility, size, simplicity

It’s obvious: mobile devices are a great way to access data from the cloud on the go. It’s also clear that more and more companies are trusting in the cloud. Experts are even predicting that a cloud made entirely in Germany will take off in 2016, a cloud for safety-conscious German companies and private customers.

In fact, there was only one manufacturer that sold more computers in 2015 than it did in 2014: Apple. Besides its market image, the topics of reliability and usability certainly had something to do with it – as well as the simplicity that’s made Apple famous for quite some time.

What’s the bottom line? Slimmed-down, cross-platform applications are all the rage today. They need to allow a seamless transition between the mobile world and stationary use. They also need to be web- and cloud-capable. And, as the success of the developers from Cupertino, CA proves, they need to be simple. Not to mention fun. Which reminds us – it’s probably time we got back to working on that specification sheet for EASY ECM Suite…