EASY Discovery: Find information easier than ever before

Information is the oil of the new digital economy – the raw material companies use to generate profit. Now, EASY Discovery makes it easier than ever before. EASY Discovery knows all the information users need, before they even consider searching for it.


Diverse systems create inefficiency

If you want to research a question nowadays, you don’t have to find the answer in a book. Most people prefer Wikipedia or Google for their simplicity and convenience. Unfortunately, however, this isn’t yet the case in the business world. The average user has to rely on up to four different systems to find all the information they need on a business transaction. They may have to log in multiple times, or may need help from a colleague if access is restricted to a limited number of users.


EASY Discovery finds information before you search

EASY Discovery puts an end to all that, by finding information without users having to actively search for it. That’s because EASY Discovery works using an innovative, intelligent online technology: the application collects information independently from a company’s own resources as well as from external sources such as XING. Then, it organizes information in advance so that it’s available immediately when needed.


Works with any client

The unobtrusive silver ring on the right side of the screen lets users know when EASY Discovery is active. If an entry is selected in any client at all – be it Microsoft Dynamics NAV, in CRM, in SAP, or in Salesforce – the application starts a search right away in the background. The ring changes colour, and an icon provides information on the number of live entries found.

Then, a sidebar opens if the user moves the pointer over the EASY Discovery ring. EASY Discovery uses the sidebar to display information found in an organized structure. The thumbnail view contains menus for contacts, emails – including archived messages – and workflow files from the ECM. These might be orders, delivery slips, or invoices, for instance. The tool’s viewing technology can read almost any format, so that even EASY Discovery’s thumbnails allow users to gain a deeper understanding of the business transaction.


Individually customizable

The thumbnails are based on apps, which users can add to at any time. If users prefer not to work with these, a timeline is also available as an alternative. It lists all business transactions and documents in chronological fashion. And if users don’t want to install Windows apps, they can still find information with EASY Discovery – the solution also works in a web client and the found information can even be visualized.