ECM: Keeping your eye on the big picture in the data jungle

Cleanliness is next to godliness – so far, so good. And … what does that have to do with this blog? Well, a new year is always a good time to ask yourself what market trends are out there, and how you’re going to react to them. Although all this talk about “cleanliness” sounds a little old fashioned, it turns out that according to market researchers, it’s one of the biggest IT trends for 2016. They just have a different name for it.


Gartner names ten trends

US research firm Gartner published a paper in which its analysts listed the ten most important strategic technology trends for the new year. Learning machines, robotics, system integration, and the diversity of devices in the Internet of Things are just some of the dominant topics – as is the question of how to clean house when it comes to data.


New ways to measure the digital world

Organization is becoming more and more important in today’s world. Data quantities and masses of information are piling up at dizzying speeds, produced by the growing number of smart devices. Big data isn’t called “big” for nothing. There are fundamentally new ways to measure the digital world, now that we understand the real world in such minute detail. Gartner has even introduced a new keyword into this discussion: the “Information of everything.”


A crucial decision: The right tools at the right time

It’s a fact: the way we administer and analyse quantities of data, then convert them into use, is what determines the success of digitalization and of most branches of industry and the economy. The topic Enterprise Content Management has taken centre stage on the corporate landscape. After all, ECMs were invented to deal with the sheer mass of information and the increasing complexity of data sets, including collecting, structuring, and storing data, then making it available to workflows and analysis tools.


2016 could be the year of the ECM – and of companies that put their stock in intelligent ECM solutions. This is especially true because of how attractive ECMs have become for even small companies as flexible, on-demand services. This could be the beginning of a development that will stay relevant far beyond 2016 …