Creating references: Satisfaction every time

Job references are part of everyday business at any company. Frequently, however, it’s a topic no one wants to touch – writing references takes quite a bit of time. Time that doesn’t get spent on strategic tasks. However, there is a way to speed up the process enormously.

The purpose of a job reference is to provide a way to measure an employee’s individual performance. After all, skills and character, qualification and commitment vary from worker to worker. Each employee brings something different to the company, which a reference should reflect. Accordingly, writing good references takes quite a bit of effort. Nevertheless, workers who are leaving your company, especially, don’t want to wait all too long on their assessments.


Stumbling blocks to avoid

Many employers, however, don’t know what’s most important when creating a reference with good content and form. Plenty can go wrong when formulating ideas, creating a structure, and writing the reference – especially if the employee writes the reference himself. In short: the whole process is fairly time-consuming for both HR departments and workers. While workers might feel they’re running all over the place trying to get a reference, HR staffers might be waiting on an assessment from the boss.


Current studies prove the stakes are high

According to a Haufe study from 2015, 60 percent of employees wish they had technical support – as do 47 percent of managers. 30 percent of employees find legally secure, flexible text building blocks extremely important. 25 percent also see potential in using an easy to operate reference software. Managers believe the greatest potential for improvement lies in specialized software and better employee involvement.


Halving the effort

71 percent of respondents are still working with a word processing program. In general, using a reference creation software helps by providing unified legal and content processes. Without specialized software, creating a reference can take up to two weeks. With a specialized solution, the whole process lasts a week – half the time.


Good grades for employee evaluations

EASY nextPCM accelerates the entire process of reference creation. HR professionals no longer need to carefully weigh each and every word. They can create legally valid references quickly and efficiently alongside associated supervisors. To do so, the programs use pre-defined text building blocks and assessment criteria, as well as defined workflows.

The integration with SAP ERP HCM also ensures the employee’s master data transfers without a hitch, and forms a basis for the role-based authorization concept of SAP HCM. It allows HR employees to automatically ensure the protection of sensitive personal data.


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