The EASY ECM Suite above the rooftops of Berlin

For the past four years, our long-time partner Wolfram Archiv GmbH has been holding events on ECMs twice a year. EASY SOFTWARE AG is proud to be a key participant.

The one-day event in the Berlin Capital Club brought together entrepreneurs, managers, and decision-makers from the ECM industry to network and exchange ideas. Besides the hosts, Wolfram Archiv GmbH, another EASY partners from Berlin – Cronon AG – participated in the event. Ivan Dreznjak from Cronon AG informed visitors about the new Infor ERP LN interface to EASY.

The diversity of topics and news from EASY SOFTWARE AG’s development centre once again stirred excitement among the audience high above the rooftops of Berlin.

Thomas Meysel, from EASY partner sales, presented improvements in the EASY ECM Suite. Meysel also added additional information on the EASY SPIRIT project and the EASY Cloud. Cronon AG’s presentation on its computing centre that followed rounded off the topic. At the end of the day, participants and organizers were all proud to look back on a successful event, and to look down over the beautiful city of Berlin.